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Wonton Soup …

Technically dinner is “Wor Wonton”. “Wor” means “everything”, so once you have made or purchased wontons and broth, you can hardly go wrong.

Earlier today, I had thawed the last half-package of wonton wrappers, which always seems like hundreds, and a pound of bulk garlic pork sausage from Shelly’s pigs.

It was already 4:30 (after finishing work, running errands, and visiting in town) so I had to hustle to stick to my plan, unless I wanted to go back to town to buy dinner at the Chinese restaurant. Or make a new “plan”.

It all came together nicely, I would say. Once the wontons were made and cooked, I simply heated the broth, and sliced and simmered the chicken breast that I had bucked off one of the whole chickens I had purchased for tomorrow. Added some sliced carrot and minced onion. I ran some shelled frozen prawns under hot water, pulled off the tails and threw those in, with a broken-up crown of broccoli.

The point was to make a hearty enough evening meal. If it doesn’t fit the bill and fill the gap, there’s certainly enough other stuff to eat around here …


Soup was good. I froze 3/4 of the batch of cooked wontons for making a quick lunch some other time. I wouldn’t freeze the wontons raw, not when made from meat that was already frozen once. Gotta protect my people y’know.

The rest of the day was a pretty mixed bag too, like the soup. It started quietly enough, breakfast with Gary was some kind of “soul bowl” (this name came from a brunch stop in Calgary). My soul bowls consist of, usually, last night’s baked potato or other hash brown, bacon or ham or sausage, eggs, and sometimes cheese. Sometimes there’s onion, pepper, or a bit of tomato. So, it’s sort of hash. It’s a filling breakfast.

Gary went off to trim horses’ hooves, and I groomed a sweet little schnoodle, Shadow.

I’ve been trying to watch my portions at every meal, and I had delicious kale salad and Greek salad for lunch, and made Gary a good sandwich on new bakery bread.

Then I groomed “Roper”, who is a cockapoo, gentle and friendly. He’s a regular who used to “fight” me over nail trimming, and now stays still. He never holds a grudge.

I got my running around done after that. Usually, going into McBride is quite an event: everywhere I go, I chatter away, catching up with others’ news or letting them know mine.

Now, after supper, I’m lying on the couch again, Cinder at my feet. It’s Friday night in the Robson Valley, and I wouldn’t change this routine for … can’t thing of anything. It’s nice to just chat with you and relax and be off my feet.

This is Morley, a purebred Schnauzer who came for spa day yesterday.

Most dogs I groom are done according to the owner’s preference, and not the “breed standard”, so don’t judge too harshly!

My tiny supervisor got a spring haircut. My photo sucks, but Cinder looks so cute to me, and seems to feel “liberated”.

Max and Smokey hang out:

When Smokey isn’t right beside Max, Sam is there.

Nice to talk to you. I love that you visit this blog.

Take care!

~ Ann


2 thoughts on “Wonton Soup …

  1. The more I read your blogs the more I realize what a foodie you are . . . who knew!! I’ve never worked with won tons and probably never will, seems very labor intensive. It all looked delicious and healthy in your photos, though, and it’s much more fun cooking for two than for one. I hate to say that I do occasionally resort to something already prepared from Trader Joe’s, something I never did when I cooked for two.

    There are welcoming signs of spring here and it feels wonderful. I do believe our rainy season is finished and I will need to once again turn on the outside irrigation system which has been off for several months. Lots of sunshine today . . . life is good!

    • I love to read your comments, Shay, and it helps me feel geographically closer. For most of my adult life, I’ve enjoyed “feeding” people and eating, of course … I used to make money selling my own spanakopita (an inspiration evolved from having a ton of extra spinach and chard in the garden), and cheesecake, and hundreds of jars of jam, etc.. In recent years, I enjoy cooking just for family and a few friends. I agree it is not fun cooking for one, and if Gary is away, I often make a meal of cheese and crackers. If I had a Trader Joe’s or Costco nearer, I would probably buy items like frozen wontons and not fiddle with those “from scratch”. I also would buy entire meals ready-made … sometimes the prices are lower than you could make the same things at home.

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