Life and Pets

Another excellent day …

It has been another stellar day, though I have pushed myself a little, or have been pushed a little. I had the option of not taking this sweet bonafide “fox” (jk) who was a walk-in of sorts.

I was starting to groom Snowy when a vehicle appeared in the yard. I often ask myself who I forgot to write in my book, because we do like to know when to expect folks and their pets or other business. This time, it was a stranger who decided to ask if I could groom her little dog today. One can always ask. 🤷🏼‍♀️

I said yes.

He looks unfinished in this photo because he is. Owner wanted her dog short all over except for a little mane, which is the haircut that Cinder got this week too! This dog is called “Shitter” at home … I called him nicer names while he had his spa treatment. He was a perfect boy for all aspects of grooming.

I finished grooming Snowy this afternoon too. She has become much bigger with winter’s leisure, but she is so pleasant and compliant to groom.

Snowy Bustin

My work this morning was liberating Zippy from his winter coat. This little guy is an intact but gentlemanly shih tzu cross, perennially a favourite of mine. He lies on each side as if the clippers are delivering a lovely massage. He’ll stand up and stay standing when I ask him to.

Zippy loves the cats, and they love him.

While I was in town briefly this morning between dog jobs, I was approached by an acquaintance, saying that my first husband’s son had a stray dog in his vehicle and was wondering what to do with it, I said that, if the poor thing was uninjured, Matt could drop it off at our Pet Hostel. If he/she was hurt, it had to go directly to the vet.

So I came home to this doll:

Because I see so many golden retrievers here, I couldn’t think whose dog this was. With the power of Facebook, she was claimed in two hours.

At the moment, I’m off my feet, in Gary’s chair, watching Season 2 of a Netflix series, ‘Tin Star’. Most of the series is filmed in the Calgary and Black Diamond areas and much of the scenery seems familiar.

Black Diamond, AB Country

I feel “done for the day” except for another round of feeding the doggy guests, Max the parrot, the horses and the resident pets. Then I will unabashedly watch more Netflix.

Hope you are all well. If you are struggling, I hope things get better. Sending hugs, encouragement, courage.

~ Ann


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