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Back to “fighting form” …

… as Uncle John would say. He averred this after he had a bout of the flu, but it fits. I know I’ve said it before.

Almost all of the numbness has left. Only a couple of loonie-sized spots of tingly feeling (like Novocain has left the area) remain. Otherwise, there is what I will describe as a “ghost” of a sensation of numbness and coolness on my left side. Hard to describe, but not difficult to ignore.

The CT scan and report reached Dr. Tejada and he phoned yesterday. When I have time, I will get a copy for myself. There is indication (proof) that I had a “lacunar stroke” but only a tiny infarct, or spot of damage is evident on the scan.

I’m not freaky about this. I’ll learn more. In the grand scheme, I am still very fortunate with my health and still feel younger than my years, younger than I look.

My thought processes seem okay and short-term memory undamaged, as much as before, I guess. One of my friends apologized for “joking at a time like this”, but I said that I’d been making light of the situation all along. I laughed with the doctor that I hardly knew the current date on a normal day, and while he tested my coordination, I cracked, “Who can ever do this, that fast?”

Lacunar Stroke more than you really want to know 😉

And though I thought I could take things easy for awhile, I have had plenty of dog grooming, including a Newfoundland dog, a bunch of Shih Tzus, and many darling mutts. Today I have three dogs to spruce up for Spring.

I don’t think that being lazy will heal the spot in my brain, nor prevent another stroke. In fact, I have made a pact with myself to exercise more; I hate vigorous exercise.

We have a nice bunch staying at the Pet Hostel. Everyone was quiet last night, through the night, even Johnny, who had barked almost non-stop from the afternoon he arrived until the next morning. I thought he would be hoarse! This morning, he greeted me with wagging tail, and I told John that he was such a good boy. It seemed like we had turned a corner of mutual affection and trust.

There is also Chuckles, a cocker spaniel who is inclined to be vocal but is usually silent indoors, and Jayda the beautiful Weimaraner, handsome Zeus (a pit bull mix), and Eirwen, a sweet Labrador saved from life in a car years ago. I had a couple of cancellations, but that is okay, as invariably I have forgotten to write someone in my book (even on the best days without any brain episodes).

This is now Spring school break. And the weather has turned spring-like, so if I have a big influx of dogs for boarding, some might be happy outdoors.

I have started a few garden seeds. Some have sprung up out of their tiny Keurig pods and already need transplanting. Some seeds, years old, might not germinate at all. I didn’t go about this scientifically, even though I know that different vegetables and flowers should be started at different times.

I must get on with my day. Thank you for reading my blog, and for comments too.

Love, Ann


So today is a toofer post ie, two-for one, as I didn’t actually finish and publish the draft from the morning.

Dr. Tejada phoned again this morning. He and a neurologist feel that there is no need for a neurological exam. I’m to take aspirin every day, probably for life, and that certainly is not a problem.

He said that there is no indication of multiple sclerosis, and he mentioned this because Dr. Alwan said there was a history of MS in my family. I found that alarming, and explained that there must be a misunderstanding: there is no MS in my family and I had never said to anyone that there was. All the same, it is nice to be assured there’s no sign of it.

I popped down to the office and got a copy of the report for myself. I hope I can get a photo of the scan at some point too… evidently here they don’t email those like they do in the veterinary shows I watch. I’m supposed to monitor my own blood pressure and go in for bloodwork in a couple of weeks.

After I had groomed two and a half (of three) dogs today, I got an odd text from an electrician friend. He said that a burning smell had been reported at my old rental house.

So I immediately hurried to McBride, thinking my house was smouldering… and found nothing of concern. I alarmed my renter by phoning him at work. It seems that the young man had mentioned to our electrician (in a social setting) that occasionally they smelled an odd odour, perhaps electrical, in one room.

That was the “report”. Of course, this needs to be checked out, but the little house is not on fire at this moment.

Today I had these two pleasant shih tzu mix girls to groom. Ryza and Hanni are among the most pleasant and humble pets ever.

Because I was in a rush to finish grooming today, I believe I forgot to comb out and trim one of those tails. I might use the “stroke card” occasionally, for example, “I was tired because I’ve had a little stroke…”. Nah, that’s just not right.

Earlier today, I groomed Ladybug, a portly cocker spaniel. She has had a stroke, and her face droops a bit.

Buddy came for his regular trim, bath, etc.. His behaviour is also exemplary.

Yesterday, I only had one young dog to groom, pretty Nocona. She is a border collie and poodle cross, dubbed a “borderdoodle”. ‘Cona was quiet and patient for everything, including nail clipping and dremelling.

Max’s stay has been extended. He is almost a fixture here!

This was dinner last night. I put some thought into it, but it was yet another convenient slow cooker meal, and quite simple, “Armenian Chicken & Lentil Stew”. I blended several recipe ideas. You can, too! I served it with naan.

I never promised continuity in my Blog. Here is Linden at six months.

And that’s Laine, our son-in-law and Linden’s doting and competent Dad.

I’m tired, folks, and will say ‘bye, again!

Love, Ann


2 thoughts on “Back to “fighting form” …

  1. I’ve been so anxious to hear something about the results of your CT scan and visit to the doctor, so I eagerly read through your lengthy blog when it arrived . . . and then I read it again, including the very technical description of the lacunar stroke. Happy to hear that it’s nothing more serious, although it certainly shouldn’t be ignored. So it’s almost spring and a time for new beginnings which includes your new commitment to exercising more.

    Adorable photos of Linden . . . enough to cheer up even the most dour of individuals! Thanks for all of the news and doggie faces . . . stay well and happy!

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