Life and Pets

‘Feelin’ Alright’ …

… as Joe Cocker would sing.

I woke up this morning feeling like a million dollars! No headache, barely any numbness. I was thinking “it” had been a dream. How can I be so lucky? Gary confessed that he had checked me during the nights this week to ascertain that I was still breathing. Really, I am so very lucky.

I just have a modicum of Pet Hostel business today … the care of Jayda and Cedar, and the parrot Max. An old favourite is coming for just toenail clipping, and Baxter for boarding.

Max is going home today, so I will scrub his vacation home/cage. Gad, birds are messy. Good thing they are so enchanting!

It seems to me that it takes feeling low, or sick, exhausted, or just frightened, to really appreciate how well one feels on a normal day. Yes, “normal” is different for everyone, and I send courage, empathy and support to anyone out there who needs it. I would make a casserole, or come hold your hand!

My friend Bonnie once said, “No, don’t bring casseroles, we aren’t that sick.”. I know she said this with humour, but since then, she has broken her elbow seriously, her husband struggles with cancer, and their water has frozen and stayed frozen. Some of these things will get better or resolve, but I wish I had taken her a casserole anyway. I think Bonnie doesn’t actually refuse them at the door!

Last night I made Chiles Rellanos in my own style … in the mini crock pot. I started with Shelly’s garlic ground pork (bulk sausage from her pigs) and I browned that in one large patty that fit in the bottom of the pot. I wanted to render some of the fat out …

On top of the meat, I put 2 tomatoes, coarsely chopped, the some kind of peppers, probably Hungarian, stuffed with goat cheese, Boursin cheese, and Kraft grated Italian blend. Life is short … I will not try to stuff previously frozen, thawed peppers ever again. The peppers were about twice the size of a jalapeño, but I didn’t even taste them for “heat”! I knew where they came from (local and organic), but didn’t remember the name or the flavour or why I bought a huge bag to freeze … two years ago!

I tired of trying to stuff the firm cheese mixture into the flaccid peppers, so a lot of the cheese got layered on top of the meat and peppers. Then I poured a half batch (according to larger recipes) of milk and eggs over all, and cooked on high for four hours.

It was delicious, if I may say so. It was zesty. It looked like the proverbial dog’s breakfast. I didn’t take a photo, and am grateful that Gary seems to trust my culinary creations. If you search chiles rellanos for yourself you’d find beautiful dishes with breaded and fried offerings, among recipes and photos of “chiles rellanos” casseroles that do NOT look like a dog’s breakfast.

I stand by my conviction that it’s hard to go wrong with home-grown meat, peppers or other locally grown vegetables, and a lot of cheese. And my 2 litre slow cooker.

Gary is out ploughing the driveway and yard with the tractor.

I slogged my way out to a building to get an airline kennel for a customer to borrow. It is a long walk through deep snow. There’s not enough icy crust to hold me, so I break through with every step. I needed the exercise!

For lunch, I cooked some coconut rice. That is simply, at least in my world, basmati rice simmered with a bit of coconut oil, powdered coconut milk, water and a handful of toasted shredded unsweetened coconut. To go with that, I sliced up a raw chicken breast and threw it in the slow cooker with a bit of minced ginger, dried onion, and some “Chinese” spice from Epicure. My taste test yielded satisfactory results. I don’t know whether this combo is Indian or Chinese, or just fusion. Asian fusion. 🤔


I don’t know if others have found this, but it seems to me that the frozen chicken breasts we are getting have a weird texture. It’s like the meat lacks toothiness, if that’s a word. The poor chooks probably get little exercise while they are being factory raised for their meat. I think I will quit buying these. Poor souls.

Time to rustle up the lunch medley!

Love, Ann

P.s. I just learned that Max the parrot will be staying with us for another few days. Yay!

P.P.S. Just got a call for the CT scan … I can go tomorrow! And boo hiss to the customer who acted like it was a problem to reschedule.


One thought on “‘Feelin’ Alright’ …

  1. Happy you have an appointment! And the crockpot creation sounds marvelous! I’ve seen similar recipes and just couldn’t imagine them having any structural integrity after cooking in a pot for 4 hours. I just may give it a try! Good luck tomorrow.

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