Life and Pets

Life is a party …

For you, Joan … this was dinner tonight, served with garlic bread.

I never know whether to call it a creole, paella, jambalaya, or something else. I guess this is “something else”. What I had on hand was Shelly’s hot Italian pork sausage, a few shrimp, and rice cooked in last night’s bulgogi marinade. So already we have elements of Italian and Korean cuisine, then there was creole seasoning and salsa added. Also the rest of the broccoli and shredded cheese. Maybe call it “fusion” dining!

If I may say, it was delicious. We snarfed down fairly large portions. Just as well, as I did not make a dessert.

In my zeal over describing my health concern earlier, I did not even mention my weekend. To have Kim’s company for three evenings (and at other times) was terrific.

The birthday party for Helen, 90, and her grandson Stuart, 40, was a poignant and lovely time.

Helen and Ann

Kim & Ann

The drive through the Banff-Jasper Parkway, about 7 hours each way, was spectacular, with perfect roads.

So the weekend away, made possible by Gary “holding the fort” and operating the business, was a precious break. I feel so ready for spring; winter has seemed long even though it was mild in the first months.

Tomorrow for the occasion of my birthday, we are planning dinner and live theatre in McBride. We are always and forever proud of our local playwright and producer, friend Sharon Stearns, and the troupe of actors she deploys.

I am having trouble finishing this Blog post. The WordPress website has changed, and nothing works the way I’m used to. I’m giving up for the night.

Love, Ann


4 thoughts on “Life is a party …

  1. Lovely photos of you, Ann! And your dinner creation?? Well . . . fusion is the perfect word to describe what I can only imagine being a culinary delight! Yum!

  2. Happy Birthday to you!! You’re a March 9 gal as well? No wonder I feel so comfy reading your words.
    I wouldn’t know what to call your dinner – delicious comes to mind.
    To your health! 🌟πŸ₯‚

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