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Parmentier …

I kept forgetting the name of the dish I wanted to make for dinner, something I saw briefly in a Facebook video.

So this is it. I am sitting with my feet up waiting for supper hour, and gosh, it smells divine. Meatballs Gratin Parmentier is a Swedish dish made with potatoes and meatballs, bechamel sauce and cheeses. I keep wanting to call it “Provençal” and had to look up the recipe and name by typing into Google, “potatoes, meatballs, bechamel”, as I could not find the original Facebook post, made or shared by one of my Facebook friends.

This was served with roasted broccoli florets, like Shay makes.

For dessert, we have maple pecan cheesecake, as I wanted to make one for the family of the plumber who helped with the renter’s toilet seat last week (and who didn’t bill me). So I made two small cheesecakes.

Gary had blueberry and custard crepes for breakfast, and a pulled pork bunwich with side Caesar salad for lunch.

Oh, how we enjoy food, and maybe I should be writing a cooking blog. Nah … too much commitment, and I would actually have to share recipes for meals I don’t have recipes FOR.

The Pet Hostel is still super quiet. Only Smudge and Cedar are boarding. It would hardly be enough to stay ahead of the bills, but I also don’t mind “coasting” for awhile.

We sold our Tesla stocks this month, so that helps a little.

Today I made a couple of cute plant pots by drilling drainage holes in dishes I had found at the swap shed. Happened to have on hand a little-used ceramic bit for my Dremel tool. I also drilled holes in a few dozen spent Keurig pods so that I can plant seeds for later. The rest of the day was mostly puttering or playing word games on the iPad.

I always look forward to talking to you. Hope you are all well, staying warm enough, or cool, or simply that you have all you need.


~ Ann


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