Life and Pets


I’m sitting here drinking coffee and waiting for my “work” to arrive. The temperatures have plummeted outside, but I can still groom, and keep pets warm.

Chuckles, such a stellar boy. πŸ’•

The handsome black cat, Shadow, went home last night. I had heard the cat’s owner refer to his pet as a “she”, and I did not inspect that end of the cat nor “cop a feel”. Now that the young man is back from his tropical vacation, he referred to Shadow as a “he”.

It made no difference to the care of the cat, nor did the mistake cause the animal any “complex”. I’m being facetious, of course … the cat fared very well here, despite his initial shyness. I could say the same thing of his youthful owner.


My friend who owns the gift store/coffee shop posted a photo of her companion, “Noot”. This sweet pet hasn’t needed any services from the Pet Hostel since the day he was found in our friends’ wheel well at their house, crying and hungry. The folks were just about to leave town for a few days and had dropped off their beloved dog. Back they came after asking if I could board this kitten, and I took care of the tiny mite. By the time they returned, our friends had decided to keep the cat. YAY!

Noot supervises and helps with paper shredding.

Although I’m not the sharpest person around, I have an acute memory for slights and hurts. I don’t make things up, though I have been accused of such (and I remember all who have suggested this).

One of my long-ago customers (who blurted out quite a few rude things during times we had a business relationship) remarked about my own pet cats. She thought I had “so many”, and at the time I had four spayed females. When, in the course of the conversation, I said that we don’t have any cats in our house, she exclaimed, “What do you do in the winter, just leave them outside to “freeze to death??”.

This discussion took place while we stood outside my newly constructed kennel building, in which this lady was greeted by at least two of the cats.

How obvious would it need to be that the new facility is heated and no pet would freeze?


So, I had to leave my blog draft once Chuckles showed up. His behaviour was so good that I was done in an hour and a half.

After our lunch, Gary and I watched movies on Netflix. There are many things I could do, even in the coldest of weather, yet there I sit. Call it semi-retirement. Laziness. Inertia. I don’t care. These are halcyon days no matter what you call them, or me.

The parrot Max will be picked up tonight after just a few days here. Oh, how I enjoy that bird… he seems human. I was unable to get the smart speaker to utter words or phrases on “repeat” in order to teach Max new phrases.

When I asked Alexa to say “gimme a kiss”, she answered, “I like you, but as a friend.” πŸ˜‰

Did I show you the photo of Bandit sitting up for a treat? Bandit is a mini Australian shepherd who took awhile to trust me, and now we are buddies.


Cinder stands like a show dog for any grooming, including nail clipping and dremeling. He does this on his own … I have never had to get cross or teach him this good behaviour.

I have to admit, Cinder does look a little put-upon when the camera comes out. Smokey is #1 ambassador for the grooming sector of the Pet Hostel. (Davey was lord over all until he made a fatal mistake 😒).

I was thrilled to see Beth’s post in Facebook yesterday. This one is amazing as it includes photos of Beth as a toddler (top two) and then two of Juno (bottom left and right). At first, I thought they were all of our Beth!

I think none of my three daughters have many photos of themselves as youngsters. Some time, I will try to scan all the pictures that are in my possession.

Juno is a good traveller.

All three are better-travelled than I am!

Above is a photo of my friend’s Chesapeake Bay Retriever, cuddling and protecting her cat.

The menu tonight was chicken cacciatore in the crockpot, with kale salad. Not bad, if I say so myself.

Though I said that I wasn’t going to “diet” this year, I’m still making an effort not to snack on sweets or potato chips. Even nuts constitute an extremely high calorie treat. I can’t seem to stick to the keto diet, which is all the rage again. A late friend once told me that her success was with the “DESDM” diet:

“Don’t Eat So Damn Much”

I know that I don’t get enough exercise in winter but don’t feel inclined to change that. Instead, I’m looking forward to Spring, when I can walk and garden. So there.

Thank you for reading my blog. It makes my day to think you are out there, and that you come back on me too!

Love, Ann

PS. I often make reference to hurts and slights from all the years. If, on another note, I have “put a hole in your fence”, offended you, or injured you … give me a chance to apologize or at least explain myself. None of us is unfailingly kind, and I shudder to think that someone has remembered something ignorant I said 40 years ago. Or 4 days.


One thought on “Brrrr!

  1. I love your pictures and your stories about your guests. Noot may not be the smartest, but it looks like his claws might be on the sharper end. Better to shred paper with! Stay warm!

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