Life and Pets

Snow day/s …

I ventured into McBride this morning to pick up something frivolous I’d bought through Facebook Buy & Sell. I didn’t actually need another iPad, but the price was reasonable. I thought that it can be backup to the backups.

Though the highway maintenance crews are busy, as was the Village workers, the roads everywhere are treacherous and the visibility fair at best. I’m a careful driver, though not too nervous or tentative, but it seemed like I couldn’t be sure of where the edges of the road were, and to turn or back up, the view seemed a sea of white.

I thought of how unnecessary the foray into town was, and how foolish I’d feel if I did get into trouble. Little Cinder sat right by my truck as I warmed it and cleared the snow off, and I felt guilty leaving him at home. But if I ended up in the ditch or walking, well, the situation would be that much less complicated. Our little buddy is just as happy in Gary’s company, but he does love a car or truck ride.

It was marvellous to have coffee with SuSanne and Rob, and chat with a fellow dog groomer briefly. It’s always great to see Fran and Athena at ‘Welcome Home’ and to be greeted with enthusiasm.

I keep thinking that this is Saturday. No, don’t ask me why. When I was in town, I forgot to go to the post office and had forgotten to take some items from home to the thrift store. I’m overdue for a few other errands, but nothing urgent.

Yesterday I groomed a family group of little dogs. They are all so sweet, although one of the poms yips and yelps like I’m hurting him.

Max the parrot might go home saying, “Gimme a kiss … “ after hearing this over and over as I said it to the pups. Also the requisite “kissy” sounds.

I wonder if I can get Alexa to repeat a phrase for Max to learn. I’ll let you know.




Little Miss

A sunrise over McBride:

Mitch Lamming took this photo and posted in Facebook. I can’t reconcile myself to the shot, because it appears that the sun is in the west and setting. But Mitch is smart and would not be mistaken … I will double check my information.

The Pet Hostel is quiet again this week and will stay that way over the weekend. There have been a couple of cancellations due to the weather.

We have the beautiful old soul, Cedar, for a couple of weeks, and the younger, quirky dog, Bandit, for a couple of days. The nervous cat, Shadow, is starting to trust me more and to crave attention; that might be due to the irresistible canned food and catnip I’ve offered.

What’s on the menu tonight? Vindaloo (homemade but out of the freezer); basmati rice, samosas and naan.

Some other winter in McBride …

Highway 16 near us. Photo credit Brock M.


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