Life and Pets

Cleaning, sorting, and all that jazz …

If I spent as much time cleaning and sorting as I spend thinking about that, I’d have a spotless and organized home.

I guess I’ll never be a “minimalist” as are some of my friends. I’m unlikely to be on a reality series episode about hoarding, either, partly because I’m cognizant about my tendency to hang on to little-used items.

Everything means so much to me, sparks joy, or brings back a memory! Even so, as I tackle a closet, I am reminded that I have gained back some weight from a time that I gleefully bought new clothes in a smaller size. Do I hang on to them as “incentive”, because they cost money, or they spark joy?

I have been taking armloads of blouses, pants and other items to the laundry for light washing. Some pieces still have their tags. Then I put all the hangers in a sink of sudsy water, and even that maneuver made me feel nostalgic!

Many of the wooden hangers have a crocheted cover worked by Myrtle, my late stepmother. When Dad and Myrtle would visit the farm at Dunster, they would either help or stay out of the way. Myrtle was often in the kitchen doing crochet or needlepoint as I looked after our sweet daughters. We had her company, and aside from occasionally telling me that I didn’t do something her way, we all enjoyed the visits.

I also inherited a pile of hangers, some of which are vintage and of good quality. I should look up the names of some of the old Calgary dry cleaners from whence some came.

Now I will need to deal with the clothing.

We had little Lola just overnight, while her family celebrated an occasion. I know it was difficult for her owner to board (be without) the dog, and I was complicit in a small lie: that Lola was here just for anal gland expressing, but that I was so busy that she needed a sleepover. The delightful girl was composed and quiet here, but owner thought it would be too much excitement with all the company at the house. Too much excitement for Lola, but also maybe busy-ness caused by the friendly soul.

By the way, and you might know this … pugs almost always look panic-stricken, even when happy and calm.

It’s a good thing we aren’t closed on Sundays. Lola went home, and Festus and Shadow will get picked up this afternoon. Tilly, Archer and Lucy arrived this morning too. Another dog will arrive tonight.

Tango, the dear old chocolate lab, will soon go home too. We have one cat boarding, a shy black cat named Shadow. It’s still kind of slow, but I don’t mind.



Roper & Smokey


Cinnabar & Smokey

A gift from Shelly πŸ’•

We just had quite a blizzard go through, and I was talking in the phone with someone from Prince George who said it was beautiful there. Makes me less worried about “my people” (clients, friends or family) who are travelling.

Some of our peeps are visiting in California. Beth, Mike and Juno are seeing friends and family and will meet up with Susan, Laine and Linden.

I guess I am obliged to finish some laundry.

Take care, everyone! XXX

Another Robson Valley sunset, courtesy of Rick Klokeid.


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