Life and Pets

Beautiful days in the neighbourhood(s)…

Our front yard a few moments ago.

Photo by Gene Blackman, of nearby Mica Mountain.

From hot tub last night. The nearly-full moon looked breathtaking last night … photo doesn’t come close.

We’ve had our Sunday breakfast, which was eggs Benedict, with “real” hashbrowns from frozen baby potatoes. I’m stuffed.

Yesterday, I ventured to Dunster for their Saturday soup-and-bunwich visiting time. This takes the place of the Farmer’s Markets from summertime, at least the eating and visiting component.

There is an odd and dated dynamic at this regular event: the men seat themselves on one side of the Community hall and the women on the other, for the most part. It doesn’t matter to me, as I usually sit down and just talk to whomever wishes to engage with me. In an hour or two, I can hardly “catch up” with many, but as a former Dunsterite, there are plenty of folks I love to see.

In the past few years, I particularly feel that I should reach out to more friends; we never know who will be alive and kickin’ another day. Maybe not even I.

Yesterday I had a neat visit with a young woman I’d never met before. She is Mennonite and looks barely older than her oldest child, but has two daughters and four sons. I tried not to use “colourful” language.

I also sat with one of my oldest friends from this valley. She is not much older than I am, but her husband of 47 years suffers from dementia. She said that the day was a good one, because her husband consented to going out. He said that he wanted to visit at the Hall so that they could announce that they were soon to be married! Sometimes there is a smile to be had in the most tragic of situations.


We have a lovely bunch at the Pet Hostel. Tango, a senior chocolate lab, is almost completely blind, but knows when I’m nearby and acts joyful. Otherwise, he is in excellent health.



Jake & Taffy pig

Jake visits Taffy

In previous blog posts, I pictured Gadget (who I mistakenly called Sprocket), Dusty, Bonnie, Clyde, and Abby & Roxie. We have Larkin now for a few days.

It might be a restful day.

Happy Sunday, everyone!

Love, Ann

P.s. I know you will enjoy a short video of Juno. She has just received a parcel sent by her Zaida and Nana (us). One can never have too many tutus when one is a dancer!



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