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An ordinary day …

It was a routine type of day at the Pet Hostel. Every day is different, but some are just quiet and easy compared to others. Regardless, I always feel that I’m in the company of the best of friends. My friends.

Friends from Tete Jaune Cache brought their sweet dog, Snowy, for grooming this morning. I was happy with Snowy’s haircut but didn’t get a new photo … I spent extra time with those folks and other customers (ie. gabbing in the driveway) as they dropped off pets. Anyone who knows me would not be surprised.

This is amusing … we have, from two different families, a “Bonnie” and a “Clyde”, boarding at the same time. They actually make a beautiful pair, or at least, two beautiful random dogs in adjacent kennels.

This pair comes from the same family. Roxie and Abbie are chocolate labs, both senior girls now. They are easy to care for and affectionate.

I escaped to McBride to do some errands, bank, pick up mail, and shop. Made a pleasant stop at Welcome Home, too, and had great coffee, delicious soup and a blondie bar.

When I returned, a friend/customer had left a message about clipping her pugs’ nails, so I called her and we got the job done. Pugs are notoriously dramatic for nail trims, and Karen’s are no exception, but the little dogs DO get better over time. I hold them firmly and outmaneuver them, using a blend of patience and *ahem* skill.

At least, I like to believe that I have gained some skill in my almost-35 years of pet grooming. Before that, I took “animal health technology”, and worked in the field on and off. I used to say that the “vet tech” training was not amiss on the farm in Dunster, even before I quietly launched the business.

One of my customers who boards a dog here told me that his wife, also a vet tech and pet groomer, had a claim to fame … cat grooming. He asked, “Have you ever done that?” 😐

I had such a wonderful surprise this afternoon and discovered an email from Shay, sent days ago. News from SoCal always makes my day. Shay, Susan and Laine are very busy, but what a gift it is to receive new photos or video of Linden! Just LOOK!

I guess it’s time to make supper. On the menu is baked chicken cordon bleu, from scratch. It’s not difficult. The “go-to” side dishes of seasoned rice and steamed broccoli will suffice. I didn’t brainstorm a desert, but we have pecan tarts left …

Love you all for reading my blog.

~ Ann


One thought on “An ordinary day …

  1. It’s awesome to see your guests – they always look like they know they are really loved.
    Linden looks amazing – doing his wee baboo push ups!

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