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Louie & Jake …

It was a pretty intense grooming day here.

Louie is a purebred Golden Retriever, only 8 months old but very sturdy and large. Even as a youngster, he is quiet, curious and respectful. It didn’t take much time to bath and brush the puppy and trim his nails.

The older dog from the same family is “Jake”. Jake is a Newfoundland X Labrador, about 100 pounds. Lucky for me, The big old fellow was as gentle and compliant as a dog can be. Like Louie, Jake hopped up onto the grooming table when it was lowered and I told him what was expected.

I was fooled by Jake’s silky appearance: under his top coat was a felted undercoat that was challenging to brush out. I worked on this for several hours with high velocity dryer, regular blow dryer, slicker brush, long toothed comb, collie rake, scissors, thinners … pretty much all my tools. After his thorough shampoo, I also used a detangler mist, but no sorcery could take the place of patience and hard work. Jake never made a sound except to “woof” at Gary a couple of times.

That’s about all I have to report tonight. I haven’t managed to go to town for a couple of days, which is okay, but tomorrow I need to at least get to the coffee shop. That’s a bit facetious, but not totally. There are other things I must do in and around McBride as well.

Love, Ann


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