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More sad notes 😢

Yesterday we learned that a friend (of our age group) had succumbed to cancer. Jim gave a valiant effort to surviving, and he will be missed. His son and stepsons went to elementary school with my (Pat’s and my) daughters at Dunster, and high school in McBride.

During the day, Shelly became aware that her little dachshund, Seltzer, was suddenly ill. She and Adrien left for Prince George and the nearest available vet, but Seltzer died en route. What a devastating day for our daughter; the small soul was a huge part of her life and an important family member since the day she rescued him from death row at the Calgary SPCA eight years ago. Shelly was the most caring owner, nursing Seltzer through several episodes of back issues (typically common in his breed), and investing plenty of time, heart and money.

Seltzer was one of the few dogs who has bitten me, and he nailed me hard years ago, for the offence of stroking his silky ears. I forgave him and loved him. RIP, quirky wee dog.

These days,I keep up with the Pet Hostel, and life in general. It’s not really a full kennel, but there is always enough to do, and I have a contingent of guests who bark, urinate in their runs despite having dog doors open almost full time, or jump about spilling food and water. I have much to be grateful for, such as the modest income, laundry that runs like a top, and a water system that is the proverbial blessing. This combined with the blessing of enjoying my work, spending time with the finest of friends (even if they are the barking, messy kind), and being at home with my Gary (who is definitely not messy and rarely “barks” at anyone).

Gary and I are having our 18th wedding anniversary on Tuesday, and have been at each other’s side more than twenty years. It is disconcerting how fast the time has flown; I hope we have another twenty years as sidekicks.

One of my friends in real life and on Facebook posted this photo a couple of days ago. I did not remember the proprietor’s name or significant other details about the Triwood Food Store, but I remember many visits there with friends. We would buy penny candy such as licorice cigars, waxy syrupy things, jawbreakers and gum. My “oldest” (longest time) friend, Deb, remembers picking up bottles to redeem for these items, as Triwood Store was close to our homes and schools.

Photo credit for the two following pictures: Adele Bernard Simpson.

When I read Rusty Ogle’s obituary, I realized that there were other connections to my past; it was truly a walk back in time.

This picture was painted in 1962 by Betty Ogle (Rusty’s wife). It shows the farm behind St. Francis, and the school shadowed in the background. It still amazes me that there was farmland around us when we first moved to Calgary, in 1959 when I was 4. We were on the “outskirts”, and I had the thought (a few years later) that there would always be fields all around us. Not so, about five minutes after I had that thought. The city grew tenfold after I left in the seventies.

Sometimes I can get wrapped up in memories without suffering melancholia or too much nostalgia.

Meanwhile, there are still chores to do here. Gary has been working nonstop since breakfast, and I have been drinking coffee and chatting here and in Facebook. (Of course I fed and watered doggy guests before our breakfast, as usual.)

Take care, everyone!

Love, Ann


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