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Snow days …

We have had some days of heavy snow since I last posted. Gary has been steadily occupied with the work of digging and shovelling, and ploughing the driveway and parking spaces with the tractor.

I have done only a modicum of this kind of work and feel guilty. I tell my husband that when he gets the snowblower going, I will do better: I would rather push that machine half the day than shovel for an hour. And I will.

The horse’s will stand out in a blizzard despite having shelter.

This is Cinder after he shook snow off. I’m not fast enough with the camera.

At this time of year, and year ’round, I always give thought to those who have lost friends and family members. It seems to me that Christmas is the hardest time, and facing the New Year too. I’m perennially grateful for loved ones in my own life.

On a related note, I need to accept the loss of dear Davey. Yes, he was only a cat. The tears still threaten to flow with any thought or memory of him, and those memories mingle with those of other pets I thought so highly of and thought we’d have in our lives longer. We had Davey only since Spring, but nobody would dare presume we weren’t bonded.

Today, while waiting for takeout onion rings to enhance our evening meal, I sat with the lady whose dogs killed my cat. We did not speak of the tragic incident, but in finding a few laughs and sharing of news/gossip, she and I presumably have put it behind us.

Though I feel guilt and regret about Davey’s foolishly fatal mistake (or misstep), if he was going to visit dogs in their kennels, it was only a matter of time.

Almost every pet has gone home now from Holiday boarding, but a few will come in the next days ahead.

We are invited to a New Year’s Eve party, hurray! It’s the kind of party I have come to enjoy the most … over at 9 pm.! We can be home with our feet up and bring in the New Year with our own quiet reflections.

It’s time to put the final touches on our locally-raised-pork chop dinner.

Love you for visiting here with me.

~ Ann


One thought on “Snow days …

  1. I envy your snow and cold. TX just doesn’t do it right.

    There is NEVER such a thing as “just a cat”. They have hearts, and minds, and opinions and loves – and when we’re able to share our lives with them? What a gift! If it helps you any, I still cry from time to time over pets that have been gone for a good number of years. It’s not only people that touch your heart.

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