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Notes on a sad note …

This morning Davey was fatally injured by a boarding dog. We will never know why the cat went into the kennel while the two dogs were there, especially since he was chased by one of them while the owners were dropping off.

Davey seemed to give every dog “the benefit of the doubt” since a short while after we got him. Captured as a stray in the spring, he seemed hostile to every dog that visited, until I lectured him about his manners. He did a 180˚ and then was a trusting and pleasant greeter. If he was more wary, he might be alive.

I’ve been crying much of the day, or trying to function and not cry, and have an awful headache. I was horrified and now heartbroken, and I feel guilty.

It has been such a wonderful few days that Kim has been around. She, Shelly, and Adrien were with us for dinner yesterday, and we had “Christmas Morning” and turkey dinner back-to-back in the afternoon and evening. We heard from Beth and Susan too.

Kim went for a Christmas Day walk:


Susan sent a photo of Linden for all of us:


Yes, we all admit she’s pretty perfect. Also perfect:


I showed you the won ton production from Thursday. I put the deep fried ones out with a few other snacks for the weary travellers, and Adrien who had a full day’s work that day.

Snacks & Won Ton

I put the finishing touches on this “Steampunk Dirigible in the Night Sky”. Oh, did I show it to you before? I would say the recipients of this gift were quite pleased. It look far more gold/glittery in their photo of it … mine looked dark bluish. The truth is somewhere in between.

Steampunk gift for Kelly & Sandra James

Here’s a handful of photos from the past few days at the Pet Hostel:


Above is Pepper, a cute and well behaved schnauzer.


Sunny is from the same home as Pepper, and he’s energetic and goofy.

Nocoma Taphorn Ryan
Bella & Smokey
Smokey with Bella
Bella Widell
Sugar - Pet Hostel
Loni Anderson
Kim’s beautiful cat, Loni Anderson

Well, my friends, I am so weary and numb. I must sign off, and of course I need to function to watch over the pets in my care. I know tomorrow will be a better day; it just has to be. I’m so glad nobody is telling me “it was only a cat”; my family and friends are kind. Thank you to everyone.

~ Ann


One thought on “Notes on a sad note …

  1. Big hugs, my friend. It’s really hard to lose a fur child; especially when that one has sort of stepped in out of the blue and charmed your heart. I don’t know your belief system, and I don’t mean to be pushing mine on you, but I’m sure that Davey will be greeting you when you cross over.

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