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Merry Christmas to all!

We don’t get in too much of a dither for Christmas. It still feels beautiful and occasionally magical. We decorate just a bit, and I bake and cook a little too much.

This year we are lucky to have Kim visiting, and of course Shelly and Adrien living nearby. Am tearful to think how far away the granddaughters and their families are, but otherwise, I have not been troubled by melancholy or nostalgia too much this year.

It probably goes without saying how I wish we could all live forever. I miss my mom, and of course Myrtle and Dad. This is the first Christmas that Darling Ruth isn’t nearby. If I listed all those for whom I have “Christmas thoughts”, this would be a very long post indeed. I can think of many people who need sympathy and empathy at this time of year especially.

Even so, I can’t find a lot of time to visit the lonely and bereaved, partly because of my business. I’m not complaining and am not ready to retire. The indoor kennels are filled, and several of the outdoor runs too. I have turned away six dogs, then I had a couple of cancellations and filled spaces from my “wait list”. I wish I had built the kennel building bigger, but I was using my own money (no inheritance) and thought, at that time, I had stretched the budget enough. At any rate, there are only so many hours in a day.

Our beautiful souls in “residence”: Sunny & Pepper, Buster Brown, Duke & Lady, Larkin, Pluto, Sadie, Eirwen, Odie, Scruffy, Baxter, Rosie, Monte & Charlie, and Blitzen. Kim’s beautiful cat is staying while Kim is here, and seems unfazed by all the dog activity around her. I am expecting a certain someone (customer friend) to ask me to keep his giant lapdog only for the day tomorrow, Christmas Day.

A number of our guests’ owners have asked me to groom when or if it is convenient while their pet stays. It’s my Christmas too, so I will simply decide if I can or cannot. If I get these extra services performed, it will be with a glad heart, otherwise I’ll let the pet go home with an appointment for later.

I had a chuckle when Larkin was dropped off for boarding. The big malamute is incorrigible for toenail clipping, and his owner would like me to attempt this feat. Larkin arrived with a little packet of sedatives and a large muzzle. The amusing thing is that the muzzle is the same muzzle that I loaned to a client a couple of years ago. It was never returned, but was recently found by my other friend/customer at our local swap shed! I am not claiming this muzzle, but it is nice to have the use of it for Larkin.

I’m afraid that I need to push myself to get some more tasks done. I might rather talk with you and drink coffee, but work beckons!

Merry Christmas to all of you. May love of friends and family fill your days. Music and food too.

Love, Ann


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