Life and Pets

Waiting …

While waiting for some dogs to get dropped off and another to be picked up, I was thinking about two of our darling daughters travelling today.

In a lull between dog grooming, floor washing and maybe cutting Gary’s hair, I decided to make won tons. I had already thawed the delicious home raised ground pork and purchased wrappers, so this was not entirely impulsive.

I fried some and made soup for this lunchtime out of others. The broth I used for wonton soup, I realized eventually, was from our Thanksgiving turkey. Therefore, there was an interesting juxtaposition of flavours … the poultry seasonings from roasting the bird, and the garlic and ginger and soy in the won tons. It was good anyway! I’ll heat the deep fried morsels for appetizers or supper.

I groomed little Missy today. Davey took a liking to her.

Yesterday, I groomed Morley, a sweet schnauzer, and Tank, who is thought of as “cantankerous” by his family. Play on word intended. Tank is a feisty but manageable dog except for his feet, and needs a soft muzzle for nail clipping and scissoring around the pads. He yowls and growls like an angry cat, only for that part of the groom.

This is Tank:

Now I am waiting for a customer who will bring his dog for nail clipping “sometime” this afternoon. In the meantime, I’ve done the poop-scooping (in the bitter wind), and now am on the couch with Cinder for a little while.

Sometimes waiting is not such a bad thing. The older I get, the less I want to be hair-straight-back busy. I’ll keep doing what I love to help pay the bills until it doesn’t make sense anymore, and feel fortunate the whole time.

Doesn’t seem like “almost Christmas”. There is hardly any snow. We’ve had freezing rain, occasionally a few flakes, biting gales, and treacherous ice under foot and to drive on.

Yesterday, the Purolator guy said that he almost didn’t get up our driveway! So, between dog grooming appointments, I got on the tractor, fetched some gravel from a small pile we have, and delivered some traction for the traffic. Driving the car, I had slid on ice as I left for town the day before, almost going off into a shallow ditch. I thought that putting gravel on the driveway would be time well spent, and would be less time than getting the tractor out to get a customer (or self) out of said ditch.

Crazy thing, though, it was mild enough that much of the ice had become sugary by late afternoon, and the gravelling seemed wasted effort. I had spent some time sprinkling lava and salt on the ice in the yard, and that was good for all of us.

Hurray! We got a text from the girls to say that they are almost at Jasper. The Banff-Jasper Parkway can be dreadful in winter, very dangerous. I always worry. Now Kim and Shelly are on their “home stretch”, only about 200 km. left.

Love, Ann


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