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Big bad John …

Okay, so that’s a rather lame title for my blog post, but I was just thinking of an incident of yesterday.

I was occupied in my kennel building with laundry and crafts, and had the music playing. Startled out of my deep thinking by a new noise, I realized that Cinder was screeching (how do you spell “kayaying” anyway?) as I’d never heard before. No vehicle had driven in, so the little dog presumably had not been struck by car, and all three cats had been sleepily keeping me company. (The cats all enjoy Cinder anyway and would have been unlikely to attack him.)

I threw open the front door to find John, our large rooster, flapping and striking at Cinder, who seemed trapped in the doorway. I think that our tiny canine could have outrun the bird but had been taken by surprise.

Dodged a bullet, as they say, or at least avoided a vet bill. The rooster has “spurs”, and it is lucky that the wee doggy wasn’t injured. Cinder’s heart pounded for a long time, and I held him and carried him around for most of an hour. Because John was just doing his “job”, protecting his hens (at least in his bird brain), he will not end up in the stew pot for his act of aggression.

It doesn’t seem like “nearly Christmas” at this time. We have almost no snow in the yard, and there is heavy cloud cover today. It seems gloomy, but I have not felt down or blue or grey for a long time. All is well here.

We are SO looking forward to having Kim visit for part of the Season. Shelly and Adrien will also be around and bringing joy as usual. We cannot have Susan and Laine and Linden, nor Beth, Mike and Juno, so it’s sad that we can’t hold/hug the granddaughters at this time.

It is still pretty quiet at the Pet Hostel, but that is about to change over the Holidays. Even if the weather remains mild, most pet owners prefer our “indoor-outdoor” kennels for their furry family members. This is understandable. I should have built a bigger kennel building, but didn’t feel I could afford to at that time. On the other hand, the facilities we have been sufficient for most days of most years.

I’ve been enthusiastically crafting whenever I have the time. I’m afraid I dropped the ball in the quilt-making department, in favour of steampunkery. It’s difficult to describe what I’ve been doing, and I don’t want to share photos of creations that I’ve completed for Christmas presents.

Yesterday I had a doggy appointment just for Domingo’s nails. I showed the dog’s owner what I’d been “up to” in the steampunk department, and he seemed quite impressed with my creations. As we laughed about repurposing old junk, and I remarked that I should not have discarded some old things, Kelly said that he had an item in his car that was destined for the landfill.

At first I said that I really didn’t need anything more supplies, but then decided to accept the contribution. This is the result:

I call it “Dirigible in the Night Sky”. Who knew I could see a steampunk airship in the motor of a small air compressor? I’m still surprised, myself. I am giving it to Kelly and his wife, Sandra, and by adding three small hooks, made the objet d’art into a key rack, something useful.

Also, I made something to keep for myself. Maybe I’ll add little hooks to this as well. I didn’t like how green it became after I added a water based finish, so I misted it with matt brown.


Gary has left for the ski slopes of Marmot (Jasper). Now that I’ve had coffee with you, I’ll see what mischief I can get into in the kennels, or clean the house a little more for Christmas, or who knows.

Hope you are well and happy.

Love, Ann

p.s. Pictured below are two of my helpers, and the reason that I need another narrow table to work on (an ironing board), and also the reason that cat hair is an element/medium in many of my projects.


One thought on “Big bad John …

  1. I love your “steampunkery” – it adds something to all that yo already do. I’m kind of envious of your skills, and at the same time, haven’t done anything to push mine. You continue to amaze!

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