Life and Pets

Happy Hanukkah!

I made latkes for us this morning. They are a treat, but so easy to make that I should make them more often. There are other varieties than potato latkes, but those just do not seem right. If I ever make “cottage cheese latkes” from my Jewish cookbook, I shall call them something else.

I am still not very busy in my business, and still not worried. We are nearly booked up for Christmas boarding, and some folks want their dogs groomed during that time.

I’ve been crafting and have almost finished a steampunked jewellery/trinket box for our granddaughter, Juno. Another gift for her arrived via Purolator today.

This year, I was once again wondering what to give treasured pet owners to thank them. Though these “gifts” are advertising (self-serving) as well, I invested in tote bags. They just arrived this morning, from Vistaprint/Protique.

I’m sorry that it has again been two weeks since I chatted with you.

Max with his iceberg lettuce.

Beautiful Kona, above.

Kona & Smokey

Dear ol’ Shadow, above

Sam supervising

Meeko and Davey

Penny & Smokey

Daizy, my favourite chiweenie.

Lovely Fanny

Handsome Binou

Davey with Scout

Smokey with her buddy, Buddy.



Dear old Gibbs, above.

Oh my heart:


Again, sorry if you have seen some of these photos already. I didn’t go back to peruse my own blog of previous posts.

I can’t believe it’s December. We are looking forward to Kim being here for Christmas, Shelly and Adrien too. Other than the stress of choosing and mailing gifts, I don’t get too worried about anything. We always have enough to eat. We give to others where we can.

Hope you are all well, also, and have enough of all you need, especially contentment.

Love, Ann

PS. I might get back to the main computer to label these photos, or maybe not. For now, I’m going back to the crafting table.


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