Life and Pets

Keeping up …

So, the Pet Hostel, grooming department, went from pretty darn quiet to fairly brisk. Compared to other grooming shops, mine is not busy, but there has been plenty of work in the last couple of days.

The boarding kennel is still quiet at the moment, and I never worry about that either.

I love the three dogs that came today for grooming. Their owners are also totally dear to me. I never feel rushed or get asked anything unreasonable. My precious canine friends of the day:




Yesterday I had a great big beautiful boy, “Scout”. He seems to love every bit of the spa treatment. This is a huge job, but Scout’s owners bring him often enough that the work seems rewarding (I don’t have to trim too much). The Bernese Mountain Dog ends up silky and shiny, with much less undercoat, and my shop covered with hair almost everywhere. With the high velocity dryer, Scout can get dried in a couple of hours, but it’s like snowfall indoors, fur swirling around the lights, floors, shelves.

Happily, he likes the cats, and they adore him.

Scout with Davey


Little Buddy is not sure of Smokey.


Ghost, who was here for boarding, might like to chase Sam, but the big cat is unconcerned. Ghost is a large white malemute, very pleasant.

I neglected to get photos of the other dogs I groomed yesterday, but will find suitable other pics of the same later.

I’m not saying which dog did this, and it was not aggression by any means, but when I picked up a “smaller” dog yesterday, it “flailed”, scratching my neck with newly clipped claws and somehow spraining my pinky finger. Gosh, did that ever hurt!

As I finished my work on Scout, with hours of brushing and my hand hurting with every movement, I felt like a bear with a sore paw, agitated. At one point, I buried my face in his clean fur and cried.

Over the next few hours, my knuckle got very red and extremely sore and throbbing. Gary suggested icing the injury, and that helped a great deal. I felt guilty and foolish even quietly thinking this was SO painful; I know someone who recently severed fingers, and many people who are enduring all manner of real suffering.

Still, I considered cancelling work, but am so very glad that I didn’t. Not only did I get to see darling people and dogs today, but when I woke this morning, I realized that the discomfort was minimal. My finger is stiff, swollen, bruised and numb, but no pain.

While I groomed Binou, Fanny, and Daizy, I could hear Cinder outside yapping constantly and for a long time. Though quiet in the house and in my building, he typically finds many things to bark at outside.

Eventually, from the grooming shop window, I saw the rooster and his four hens file across the yard. Normally, that would hardly even be noteworthy, but it occurred to me a few minutes later that I had NOT left the hen house door open!

On a hunch, I went to the chicken coop, and found that the door had presumably blown open long enough to let the chickens out, but then blown closed after Cinder had gone in to investigate (look for food scraps). There was our wee dog, voicing his indignation.


Rarely a dull moment around here, at least not for the easily amused.

Hope you are well, or recovering, and coping.

Love, Ann

More photos:

Shadow Zahn





Davey loves Scout


It’s right behind me, isn’t it?






Okay, Boss, I’ll put up with this.







Smokey loves Fanny


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