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Super day…

It is almost too late to chat tonight; I’m tired. Still, I wanted to share what I was ” up to” today.

On the occasion in July that I got my tattoo celebrating our beautiful Juno, I made an appointment to get another tattoo. The young artist who has the “ink” studio in Valemount said that he was booked up until November, to which I replied, “Oh, that’ll work, book me in for November.”

So my date to celebrate Linden’s birth (Sept. 17) finally arrived. Gary drove on this rainy, snowy day, and we travelled to Valemount and …


Then we went out for a lovely lunch, Gary’s treat, and visited with a few locals at that restaurant, and we came home.

There isn’t all that much else to report about this day, but I’m still quite exhilarated. I think there might be something about the tattooing process that releases endorphins. I hope that doesn’t sound kinky.

On the other hand, if one isn’t happy with a tattoo, there wouldn’t be enough endorphins in the world to make a person feel uplifted. I’m very pleased with this and the other tattoo, which today got some colour added to the dragonfly’s body. I forgot to take a photo before it had the surgical wrap placed on it.


A remarkable coincidence is that there is a huge photo study of the Golden Gate Bridge in the tattoo parlor. Anyone who knows me and reads this blog will think this is noteworthy, as I had never been anywhere near the Golden Gate Bridge until my journey home from Linden’s birth. Suddenly where I was visiting today, there is a very large photograph reminding me of my adventure.





The Pet Hostel has been pretty quiet this week, but I never panic. I have more time to clean in the kennel building, fix things, and work on the seemingly endless task of down-sizing/decluttering/fall housecleaning.

One thing I did this month was send out three quilt tops for professional quilting. I had sewn these items last winter … or was it two winters ago? I got the quilts out of the spare room for a few days, but they have already been returned and only need to be “bound” now. The last quilt I completed was a “baby” quilt: I started the project when a young woman was being treated for cancer, and completed almost two years later after our friend had conceived, given birth, and the baby was almost walking. I entitled the quilt, “Mommy and Me”, as it was what I call  “nap sized”. The two beautiful girls can snuggle together under it.

We had these beauties to babysit last weekend. They adapted perfectly well to the new surroundings and were just here for two days.

Frankie and Maureena:

There are a few dogs boarding now and will be more before the weekend.

Poor Davy! I accidentally closed his tail in the kennel building door yesterday. The cat was nowhere to be seen when I stepped out to go back to the house, but as I closed the door, the cat ran by me with a yelp. His tail looked “bent” in a way that I had never noticed, so I caught him up. I could feel a lump, and then Davy really meowed.

Today he seems okay. There is still a lump midway down his tail, but it doesn’t even seem tender, and he evidently is not holding a grudge. Naturally, he has received extra treats, so … no change in his appetite for food or life. I’m sure Davy will be keeping a closer eye on me!



Sam hardly moves fast enough most days to get his tail caught in a door. He usually sits well back waiting to be let out or in. And most of every day, he is doing what many cats do best:


This photo almost looks implausible. Sam is sleeping soundly on the window sill that is 5″ wide, half hanging off it. There would be plenty of room to slip off between the shelving unit and the window, but there he stays. Maybe it’s friction fit.

Goodnight, everyone. XXX


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