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Beautiful fall days, …

and a town in mourning again. Last week, one of McBride’s fine young men was killed at his place of work.

I’m done being apologetic for the grief and empathy I feel, even when I “didn’t know them well”. Nobody has criticized me, but my inner self keeps acting bashful about all this emotion.

I don’t think any parent would deny that this is the worst nightmare for a parent. Maybe no other human would. The boy who died will be missed by many broken-hearted people of all ages. Bryan was witty, friendly and kind. I didn’t know him well, but I know that in his own gentle and quiet way, he had a long reach.

I keep pluggin’ away at the fall cleaning. Some work was decided for me last night when I heard a mousetrap snap in the kitchen. I couldn’t bear to look for about an hour, and then I found a trap with no casualty in it, but evidence that a mouse had been injured. Damn it … that bothers me. I don’t want the mice in the house, but I don’t want any to suffer.

This morning, I pulled the fridge out from its nook, then cleaned under and around it, then the counter tops… no mouse body. No idea where it went, and silently I thought, “Sorry little mousie.”

I listed a couple of small appliances on Facebook Buy & Sell, and finished up some dog-related chores. I delivered a couple of half-baked projects to “the quilter’s studio”, which is the only way my efforts are ever going to get completed. In a way, removing the quilt tops and backing reduced the clutter in the back bedroom.

I keep getting sidetracked, and I get weary and footsore. Why can’t I keep some momentum and accomplish more in a day?

Hope you are well, or have the support you need if you are not well. I have a joyful life, but sometimes my heart is heavy with concern for those who are suffering. I’m sure you are the same way.

Love, Ann


Photo: Birgit Stutz. View of McBride from “halfway lookout” up Teare Mountain. Our home is about 2 miles to the left (East).

Below, Shelly as she heads off to an important workshop relating to “Rural Nursing” or nurse practitioner certification.

One thought on “Beautiful fall days, …

  1. *hugs* You don’t have to know someone “well” (however that shapes up for you) to feel grief at loss. Pain is pain, and it’s OK to feel the pain. Yes, even with the mouse – and one day I shall tell me story there. I hope, you see some sun and revel in it, in your beautiful Canadian world.

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