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Crazy good day …

The day started in the most ordinary way. It was awesome because Gary arrived home last night.

Most days start with letting dogs out from the cozy indoor runs, and then coffee and breakfast for humans, then back out to feed and water the guests.

Since Monday, I have been in communication with our renters of the “vacation” house. They are enjoying that home for the most part, but I was told that there was water leaking from under the sink, and that J. was having to spend “hours” mopping several times per day. Therefore, more than once per day, she was reminding me of this.

Our local plumbers are very busy. Over the next days, I lost track of who had called who, as I had given the phone number of the second-in-command plumber to J., and J.’s number to the plumber. They were each letting me know that they had attempted to connect with the other. The plumber lives across the street from the vacation house, but busy IS busy, and I didn’t expect him to go over there after normal work hours.

On Thursday, I went to have a look at the situation, and removed a panel which hides the plumbing under the kitchen sink. This was mid-afternoon on a day that the renter and plumber had tried to communicate without success. I texted the plumber, who said he was unavailable.

Thursday night the texts from J. got threatening and testy, “We cannot LIVE this way!”. I reminded her that I was doing my best to arrange for help and that I had been unable to fix the plumbing myself, and also that I wasn’t going to start texting the plumber at 9:30 pm.. Then this morning, being Friday am., the plumber said that he was “tied up” for a few days, and he suggested I call his boss.

The boss met me at the house within the hour. The whole problem was that the spray head for the pull-out faucet was partly unscrewed, and I felt like a dope for not noticing that. Rod told me not to feel badly … his wife had been telling him that their faucet was leaking for three weeks, and that was the answer!

So it took about 20 seconds for me to go from stressed and resentful to exhilarated and relieved.

The day was pretty ordinary from there. Before returning home, I visited with Craig at ‘Welcome Home’, talked at length to everyone else I saw as well, so that my 20-second plumbing solution turned into a couple of hours in town. At home, I did some mending, and getting those things off my “to do” list was satisfying.

Went out to Dunster to help celebrate another pal’s 70th birthday. On Facebook, the event was billed, “Coffee Time with Chuck”, or some such. It was so well attended, and although Chuck doesn’t relish being the centre of attention, I’m sure he was pleased.

Below is Chuck’s nephew’s family, attending the coffee party together:


And then our Shelly came home from her course in Prince George, and Gary and I, Shelly and Adrien and Zev all met at Friday night Chinese Smorg. That is always an excellent end to the work week! Not sure how to feel about Shelly’s fortune in her cookie:


I think she should just go ahead and play those lottery numbers there.

In a sense, it was an expensive day, as I made an error in calculation and charged a customer $100 less than the total should have been. He evidently didn’t notice, I need to believe he didn’t realize, but it was my fault only. In a way, I chuckled at myself: I confessed to Gary some weeks ago that I had given away $9000 in benevolent “work” and charity this year. What is another hundred dollars after all?

Actually, I am in a mood to never give anything away and do nothing for free. Sometimes benevolence and charity is appreciated, but not always. I’ll go with my conscience, when the time comes again. And  will be more careful with calculations.

As Gary has for years, he attended his farrier’s conference this month and then travelled to Nelson to visit Juno, our oldest granddaughter, and her family. They packed a lot of living and fun into a short time, going shopping, dining, and to the nearby hot springs. Here’s a little video of Juno singing, sent to me by one of her other grandmas, Omi.




Those are the latest photos of our Linden, of course, who is a month old now. It’s hard to imagine how one can miss these grandbabies so very much.


Oh, my goodness, I have been chatting, and “fixing” photos (condensing and labelling) and now it’s 1:30 am. I will finish fixing and chatting tomorrow. Originally, I got back out of bed to do a mobile banking deposit (my renter’s cheque … thought that would be pretty satisfying after the week I had), but the mobile banking app would not work properly.

Talk to you later!

Love, Ann

p.s. The “featured image” to this blog post is the chicken house with the door that I fixed.


One thought on “Crazy good day …

  1. Juno has the most beautiful eyes!
    No… Linden can’t be a month old?!
    Sounds like a pretty decent day for the most part. Glad the repair was simple!

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