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Garlic plenty…

This afternoon, I finished breaking up and separating (“cleaning”) sixty pounds of garlic. This is so that the garlic king can plant the cloves this fall. This weekend, actually.

I have often busied myself with other things, or provided just a token amount of aid when it comes time to do this job; there are always things to do in my pet business or the craft corners or other places. This year, Gary has been pushing himself to get firewood obtained, sawn, hauled home, split and stacked. It’s hard work, and I love him for providing for us.

I’m trying to watch for some sunny, dry days in order to prepare flower beds for winter and pick up around the yard. There is too much to do! On the other hand, we didn’t suddenly have a foot of snow like some locations Alberta did.

When I was visiting at Shay’s in California, I became acquainted with her “smart speaker” system: it’s an Echo and answers to her name, “Alexa”. Now that I’m home and considering this for about 5 minutes, I bought an Echo for us.

My intention was to use it/talk to Alexa and have her play endless music or read to me, while in my kennel building. I knew that our WiFi needs some kind of boost other than the “booster” that is already supposed to be boosting the signal.

So I brought Alexa into the house, where she has a stable internet connection. I’ve had fun having “her” read to me, and answer questions and play music. It’s a tad creepy to have intuitive feedback from a machine, to have Alexa in possession of my credit card (she can order tea or dog shampoo or another Echo by request) or tell jokes.

There was a movie made in which a lonely single guy got too attached to a virtual reality girl, and unbelievably, she to him. I can almost understand how that could happen. Almost. Good thing I’m not a lonely single with a tenuous grasp on reality.

Here are some photos and a video of the shenanigans that happen around here. Max was so vocal during his recent visit that I often laughed out loud. The video appears upside down in my draft of this post … I will try to fix this.

Levi is fascinated by Max! He would have climbed right into the cage if I had let him.

Davey also loves Max. I think he doesn’t want to take his eyes off that beak: it CAN crack nuts, you know.

Benji, a beautiful soul in a dog’s body.

Sam the cat thought it was okay to sit on Taffy while the piggy was in the dishpan while her cage was being cleaned. Sam decided on his own that it didn’t seem right and moved on.


Here is a recent pic of our darling Juno. She is sobbing because her mother could not get “Kermit” out of the television! Poor distraught child.

And our wee Linden is growing and changing.

So now I’ve tucked the doggy guests in for the night, have showered and been to the hot tub. It’s a starry night, and I can’t help but feel maudlin when I sit under the stars. I try to imagine which one is over Nelson, Calgary or Camarillo. Or Edmonton, or Oakville. I know it doesn’t work that way, but when I think that way, I feel more connected to loved ones.

I have thought quite a lot about Rachel today. She actually writes as a career, and she has a blog. The last entry that I read is a poignant post about longing. Rachel, I wish I could wave a magic wand to ease your longing, and make disappear any kind of dissatisfaction or disappointment or abiding loneliness you feel.

On that note, I’ll say goodnight. I wish you all good health or healing, happiness and fulfillment.

Love, Ann

2 thoughts on “Garlic plenty…

  1. Beautiful post – your family is so lovely, and your guests always make me smile. I understand about the stars – sometimes people we love seem so far away, that only a star could understand it.

    How do you get 60 lbs of garlic prep off your hands?

  2. You mean the aroma off my hands? There is very little odour to the seed garlic as the surfaces are cured and dry. When I peel and process a lot of garlic for the freezer, I just rinse my hands with lemon juice.

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