Life and Pets

Happy Sunday …

This has been one of the laziest days ever. I actually fell asleep on the couch for about three minutes before a customer came to picked up a dog this afternoon. And I was back in approximately the same state of stupor when someone came to pick up their dog less than an hour later.

I even slept in this morning until 7:30; Gary had placed Cinder on the bed saying, “There you go, your favourite spot.” I felt like I could go back to sleep for hours, but there were dogs to care for. Still, by the time I got dressed, my dear sidekick (Gary, not Cinder), had made the coffee and started his own breakfast.

I had a slice of apple pie after my chores were done and called it breakfast.

We have suddenly sprung into autumn, mind you it was coming while I was travelling stateside. There have been some very hard frosts, which spoil of the fun (no more bouquets, for instance) and put pressure on us to complete yard work. I have a lot of flower bulbs to replant, and Gary will plant the garlic.

I kept up with harvest tasks this year, partly because both the apples and plums seemed to take a year off. We planted no potatoes (though there were “volunteers”) and we have wonderful peas and carrots, beans and onions to last the year. I sold all the raspberries when I couldn’t find anyone who wanted them “free”. I’m determined to do a better job at putting the perennials “to bed”.

I did get some of the seed garlic broken up this morning, and the records sorted out from this year’s sales. Our production is “small potatoes” compared to some, but enough hard work for us!

One of my close friends is moving away from McBride. When I say something like that, I worry that it doesn’t ring true, and I trust that Nancy doesn’t feel that way. Just because Gary and I, or neither Gary nor I , go out visiting very much, does not mean we won’t feel someone’s absence acutely. We treasure our friends. Nancy and I assured ourselves that it is easy to keep in touch these days, and she is not going to be so very far. I knew it was coming, but it didn’t seem real. Now it’s real, and Nancy, we wish you every happiness with your new life.

My emotions are all over the place.

At the Pet Hostel, there’s a brand new face. I hadn’t met Piper before. She’s a sweetheart, a lithe Great Dane, honest and obedient (yes, dogs can be earnest or sneaky and insincere).

We also have our favourite parrot to entertain us all!

Even though Linden is keeping her mom, dad, and grandma Shay busy, we get updates.

Soaking up a few healthy rays!

I managed to get to the Dunster Farmer’s Market yesterday; it was the last one of the season, though the Community does have an indoor market and Saturday lunch during winter. I met these two there and had such a good visit:

Time for afternoon chores! Then dinner of Pacific salmon caught by one of Gary’s customers and given as a “tip” for farrier work, with roasted potatoes and our own peas. And more apple pie for dessert.

Stay well, all of you.

~ Ann


3 thoughts on “Happy Sunday …

  1. It sounds like re-entry to your world has been a bit difficult. I, too, felt so very tired for days after you left but I’m now back to normal and feeling quite well. I had intentionally been not getting close to Linden for fear I would pass on some germs, but that’s all over now and I’m enjoying holding her . . . and I never tire of simply watching her, such a fascinating little human!

  2. I have to say that aside from greeting Linden into the world, my getting easy access to your blog is the best thing that happened! Thank you for showing me how accomplish that . . .

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