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Getting settled …

At the end of my first day home from my trip to California, I’m starting to feel more like myself. I still cry easily, but most of that is for the sheer joy of witnessing the birth of our granddaughter Linden and holding her. I am feeling somewhat rested. I slept like a log everywhere I went on my trip, but some of the driving days were long as was the day-and-night that Susan laboured in order to bring Linden into the world. I cried and still cry with fatigue, anxiety, emotion/love, and gratitude.

I’m not religious, but it is a miracle of sorts that Susan and Linden fared so well; the doctor referred to Su as a “trooper”. Laine was also a trooper: a most excellent labour coach, birth partner and has been very comfortable as a daddy.

Autumn is here. I enjoyed a lot of fall colour on my way home through British Columbia. At home, many leaves have fallen, and I completely missed the brilliant red stage of the Virgina Creeper, the vines being bare now. I like the coolness, and am hoping for a dry, long autumn.


Virginia Creeper, autumn of 2016, with Lady posing in a kennel

Gary was kind enough to save some bad news until I got home (ie. not driving). The news was also saved by a friend I was texting with, and Shelly … so thank you to each of you. A few days before my return, a friend succumbed to septicemia at the age of 53; it was unexpected and a result of relatively minor surgery to remove pins from a previously broken arm.

I hope it’s not a bad thing to share this in my Blog, as it is “out” in Facebook now. I woke up this morning thinking, “That couldn’t have been real.”. The entire community has lost a good neighbour and pal. Ron was a stellar person.

This might seem kind of random, but really, everything and everybody is connected. I was remembering, in October of 1980, getting a phone call informing me that our friend Bob Hahn had been killed. Bob was 52, and was probably Pat’s closest friend of all time, up until then and since. You get the idea.

I can remember Bob’s words to little Shelly as we left their house a couple of evenings before, as he zipped up her jacket. Then Susan was born three days after the fatal accident. What a roller coaster of emotion! Susan’s birth effected a start to healing that couldn’t have been possible by any other event.

Even during my marathon journey, I thought of Bob. I believed that I was seeing Mount St. Helens in the distance as I travelled through Washington. Our friend was fascinated by the volcanic eruption of that mountain in 1980 and talked about it often.

As it turns out, I was viewing Mount Rainier instead. But I still honoured Bob’s memory as I drove!

Hope you are well. I miss our California contingent, as I call them, and hope it’s not too long before I get to see them again, ideally with Gary or Shelly or Kim or all of us together.



Our grandbaby has got better at taking sustenance and has filled out:


2 thoughts on “Getting settled …

  1. It is amazing, Ann, how Linden changes daily as you noticed in the photo. Cute as a button and I never hear a peep during the night. She misses her Nana, as do I.

  2. Your little Linden is beautiful – I’m so glad you had the experience of being there to meet her early. On long drives, it’s great to have something to admire, and reflect on that isn’t asphalt and truck lights, so that was a great thing. I’m sorry your friend passed away. That’s a lot to come home to.

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