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California dreaming …

My heart feels broken, or at least seriously cracked, to think of leaving in the morning. In the same way that Juno has had grandmas (her very most important ones) nearby, Linden will have Shay. Also Doris. I can explain later if you need me to.

And “on the way home” I plan to visit our granddaughter Juno, unless I am overcome by fatigue somehow. But I still need to wend my way home.

I believe this will be my last marathon solo driving trip. I said that in 2012, though that trip was a few thousand miles more than this trip will be when it’s said and done. As I become more familiar with where Susan, Laine, Shay and now Linden, live, I feel more confident about choosing options of getting here.

It makes my bravado of saying, “I’ll just drive down!” seem a bit silly. I have no real regret… but I almost bit off more than I can chew. It all worked out so well vis a vis Linden’s birth, and that is really all that counts.

Love, Ann

2 thoughts on “California dreaming …

  1. It’s been a joy having you here for a variety of reasons, sharing Linden’s birth being the primary one. But your making yourself comfy in my kitchen was a boon and having lots of chats along the way was a wonderful way of getting to know you. Have a safe trip back to Gary and your world, I hope it won’t be very long before we see each other again. XOXO

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