Life and Pets

Sorry for the wait …

There’s no excuse for being “incommunicado” other than that I’ve been busy and a tad lazy. It takes talent to be both for days at a time.

I’m en route to visit Susan and the rest of the California contingent. I’m in Union Gap, Washington, a suburb of Yakima. After driving for almost 15 hours almost non-stop, I arrived in the dark, and glad I decided to stay at a Super 8 instead of napping in the car. It has been a good rest and shower, and I’ll grab the complimentary breakfast before I strike out again.

Lenore Lake, Washington

Lake Lenore & SR 17

Lake Lenore

It’s good that I stopped, as more than one highway would have kept me on my journey, but I would have continued on the route that missed Crater Lake. More about that later, unless I’m too lazy to write …

Our second granddaughter is soon to be born. That is the reason for this trip. If I help “the kids” and Shay wait, and then return home without meeting Baby Girl, it will not be the end of the world. That’s life, and I wanted to stick with my own plan for this break from work at home. My firstborn was 6 weeks past what Pat and I thought our due date was, and actually baby Shelly was not overdue, but that’s another story. I have to assume that Susan and Laine and the medical profession are closer to accurate.

Breakfast is now served, so I will make a move. Yesterday as I drove, I snacked on kale chips and carrots and kohlrabi with dip, and my innards were rebelling. Then in Oroville, WA. I treated myself to Mexican food, later an Egg McMuffin, and by nightfall was anxious to give my stomach a rest, along with the rest of me. But now I’m hungry again.

Talk to you soon!

Love, Ann


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