Life and Pets

Day’s end …

… in a tiny town in central California. At least I think it’s central, and I didn’t look at the population according to Google, but I believe it’s small.

I looked for a Super 8 Motel, as the one I stayed in last night in Yakima was lovely. This one is not so much so. There was a note on the outdoor ice machine to ask at the front desk for ice, and that was a good reason to go back to the lobby and ask for air freshener as well. Never in my life have I asked for such a thing for a hotel room, but this proved to be an adequate solution to the stale odour which greeted me. There are no bedbugs. I am too tired to demand a different room or make any other fuss.

It is just so good to be off the highway. I am not a timid driver, but the posted speed limit seemed far too fast, and I used the trucking lane, keeping pace with the rigs in our small car. Eventually, the stream of oncoming lights seemed too much.

The decision to drive for three days in order to spend time with our California family was based on some sound tenets. But now that I’m weary, I’m questioning myself. My parents, as “snowbirds” wintering in Indio, CA, drove a similar trip twice per year. Mind you, they spent 4 to 6 months “visiting” each time.

Mike’s suggestion to drive to see them (Beth, Mike and Juno) in Nelson and then fly from Spokane is looking like a good idea. A better plan.

However: I would not have seen Crater Lake in my life, perhaps, had I not taken this path. It is spectacular, and as Curtis says, “Not to be missed.”

Crater Lake, Oregon

Today’s drive was largely unremarkable except for Crater Lake. At Klamath Falls, I ran over an already-injured bird, and there’s no way I could safely stop on the highway. The pour creature managed to look right at me, I swear, and I only hope its suffering ended at that instant.

Another unnerving sight was that, as I approached Shasta Lake and Redding, the forested hills were on fire. I had just stopped in Weed, California, because I had the munchies (😉), and a young waiter suggested I might not want to drive to Redding on the usual route. There were a couple of older young men who, overhearing this, said that they had just come through and that there were no delays.

I should get to sleep if I want to get to Camarillo at a decent time tomorrow.

Goodnight, my friends. ~ Ann

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