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Excitement to the evening …

Earlier tonight, I couldn’t get the dogs outside to quit barking. When Cinder went out he was more agitated than I’d ever seen him … and he’d yap and then run back to the door as if to look for reinforcements.

Then I heard a loud crash, as if someone had felled a tree! And more crashing. With Cinder indoors, I cautiously approached the ravine beside our driveway and saw a large bear, standing on hind legs! What an apparition, omg.

I quickly stepped back to have my truck between myself and the bear, and decided that I’d be safer in the vehicle. I moved the truck and honked the horn, and although I saw trees and shrubs moving, I couldn’t get a better look at the animal.

Head up and alert, I went into the kennel building and called all the dogs in. I put on the outdoor lights, and tried to get a vantage point from inside the 6′ fence of the exercise yard. Probably not totally safe either.

Gary phoned from Winnipeg just as the excitement died down and the bear apparently had moved on. He reminded me that there is an air horn on our porch: I sounded a blast for good measure.

Now, a couple of hours later, my heart isn’t pounding, and things are back to normal. I can’t find a Google image to poach for this blog.

But I won’t soon forget that grand creature, standing what appeared to be about seven feet, then dropping down to growl and huff in annoyance. I do hope he stays away.

Other than the bear encounter, it has been an ordinary day. I soaked in the newly refreshed and reheated hot tub, then puttered at pet care, laundry, and bookkeeping. The weather was grey and drizzly and uninspiring, and it will be nice if the sun shines tomorrow.

At least we aren’t on fire!




One thought on “Excitement to the evening …

  1. Wow! Amazing and epic tale. I’m so glad you and your guests are safe, and that the bear ambled off. Air Horn sounds like a smart thing to have in “bear country”.

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