Life and Pets

A this ‘n’ that Saturday …

It has been a rather balanced day of a little work, some visiting, shopping, other errands, good news, bad news, scary news.

After taking care of boarding doggies and our own pets, I decided to prune our fruit trees. Our tiny orchard consists of three apple trees, a Dolgo Crab, and a couple of plum trees. I’m not trained in fruit tree pruning and do my own thing. I haven’t killed a tree from over doing this task, but I did do a little damage to my hand. Good thing I wasn’t using any tool with power today.

Yes, it hurts, but only one tooth of my aggressive saw caught my finger. I am not a baby. I’m lucky though.

Shelly and Adrien and I, and Cinder, went to the Dunster Market today. There we learned that my ex had just wiped out on a motorbike and was feeling pretty battered.

Since then, Pat went to hospital, was diagnosed with an L3 (vertebra) fracture, was sent for a CT scan, and was sent home with meds and instructions to rest. Could have been so much worse.

Here, for fun and interest, are two new boarders. They are calm and friendly dogs, not too vocal. Scout and Roxy:

A dear senior doggy friend is staying a couple of days, Charma:

This morning I bought myself a rechargeable weed whacker. Shelly and I picked up a cute organizer from the same home, with an elementary school teacher friend in mind. I didn’t take a photo of the item or our friend, but her mini dachshunds are very photogenic!

That is Penny and Minnie.

Luna arrived and Gizmo and Phillip went home. So we still have Woezel, Scout & Roxie, Pebbles, Charma, and Cedar. Not nearly the busy weekend that I had anticipated, but as I say sometimes … it’s okay, I need a bit of a rest.

There’s snow on the mountains and a chill in the air. The summer passed in the blink of an eye. Anyone affected by the many fires in BC will welcome the rain and cooler temperatures, and the smoke has cleared.

Most of you who know our family realize that we are joyfully awaiting good news from Susan and Laine in California. Their baby girl is due to make her appearance soon!

It’s bedtime. I’ve been talking with you while keeping an eye on a new series, ‘Jack Ryan’, but now I’m not doing a stellar job of either.

Take care, my friends.

~ Ann


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