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Catnip Capers …

I can confess now that there is a happy outcome: for a couple of hours last week, I couldn’t find my boarding cat, Elvis. I have already told the story to the cat’s owners.

From a large cat kennel that I believed was escape proof, Elvis was absent. He hadn’t seemed anxious and had been eating well, and “talking” to me while I worked nearby. Then, one morning, he was gone.

I glanced at the kennel building door to ascertain that they were closed, but realized that most boarding dogs had open doggy doors. Hoping that he hadn’t escaped to the outdoors, I closed all doors, and called and called.

After looking under every table, shelf unit and dresser, and peering into cupboards, I believed that the cat had had his fill of barking dogs around him, and left. I walked for a long time shaking a Temptations treat bag and sprinkling catnip everywhere, calling and looking in every building, down ravines and even in the highway.

All the while, I was composing my speech of contrition to Elvis’s owners.

Finally, I came back to the kennels to try to accomplish something while I fretted. As I emptied the washer and put the laundry into the dryer, I heard a mew. Sam was lounging on top of the stacked laundry pair, but he has a sort of “Toyota beep” voice… a little chirp from a great big cat. This was not that.

So as I turned to renew my search for the missing guest, I saw Elvis step down from the underside of the grooming bathtub! He knew where he was the entire time and was not at all stressed!

So the happy hider was rewarded with catnip, treats and canned cat food. I put Elvis in a smaller cat kennel, in which he seemed 100% okay. The very next day, he was picked up by our friend Helena, to whom I confessed everything as opposed to keeping this little adventure secret.

We were both relieved that, after all, Elvis had not left the building.

While I searched that day, our own three cats were responding to the treat bag rattling, rolling in the aromatic catnip, and getting in my way. Davy looks a lot like Elvis at a glance. In the days since, Sam and Smokey have traded places constantly, sleeping in the spots that I had sprinkled catnip.

This Friday, I booked two dogs for grooming, and delighted in telling one customer, from Valemount, about all the fun that was happening in McBride. The gift store and coffee shop, ‘Welcome Home’ is always a favourite, and on Fridays there are the Community (Farmers) Market, and a wonderful indoor market called ‘Shops On Main’. A friend was having a garage sale.

Naturally, I missed out on these things because I had work. It’s up to me to organize myself better, but at any rate, I was proud that there was plenty going on in our little town. Tomorrow I will try to get to the Dunster Farmers Market.

This is Roper, a cockapoo, with Davy:

Here is Onus, a cocker spaniel:

We are heading into a long weekend, but it won’t be quite as busy as expected. Tonight we have Woezel, Scout & Roxy, Pebbles, Sadie, Phillip and Cedar. A couple more dogs will arrive tomorrow; I’ll share photos.

Take care, everyone. We have altogether too many friends who are suffering and I worry about all of you.

~ Ann


One thought on “Catnip Capers …

  1. Our ferals adore the ‘nip – it’s probably how we’re going to get close enough to have the “snipped”.

    Your guest had a terrific sense of humor!

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