Life and Pets

Hi Thursday …

It is fairly quiet for a moment or two around here. I’m mentally preparing for a bit of an onslaught of the most welcome kind. Just this morning, I’ve had three new reservations for boarding for the Labour Day Weekend coming up, and we have room, and we are flexible.

This morning, Zippy came for grooming. His owner has been a regular for many years, especially for Zippy’s whole life. The little dog lies prostrate on the grooming table for clipping, then I gently turn him over like a pancake to clip the other side. He makes no fuss about nails or getting tail brushed out, or anything.

Zippy Sacclarides

Last weekend I boarded and brushed Timber, who is also a perennial favourite. This beautiful soul is quiet for all grooming maneuvers. At first, on the day she was going to go home and I wanted to groom her, Timber seemed reluctant to get up on my handy electric table which was lowered to 18″. Sometimes in the past, her owner had been present to help with this. I thought, “Oh, no, I can’t lift this dog, what am I going to do?”.

In 34 years in the pet business, I can still learn things and get little brainwaves … I placed a doggy blanket on top of the grooming table. I supposed this set-up look a bit more inviting, like furniture, to a dog, as Timber, when beckoned, leapt onto it with grace. No more issues at all; I hope I remember my own hint.

Timber Chiupka

In the last blog post, I claimed (or hinted) that I’d get back with photos of the food production. Here’s how the onion crop and the apple crop got handled:

Carmelized Onions

Caramelized Onion


Peeled, cored, sliced with the little machine from Lee Valley Tools


Waiting in water with lemon juice and sea salt to be put in freezer bags.

The caramelized onions are good on nearly anything savory, such as meatloaf or burgers or even tomato sandwiches.

The apples will one day find their way to crisps or pies. There are still a few small or misshapen apples which do not go through my handy machine very well.I’m pretty much done with making fruit chutneys, apple sauce or apple butters, as we don’t eat enough to bother making more than a tiny batch. I’m not marketing any food except garlic now.

“Phillip”, a very small terrier mix doggy, is staying for a couple of weeks. I had offered a complimentary groom before he goes home. Phillip is about the quietest little dog ever, affectionate and composed. These are before and after pictures. He looks pretty much exactly the same, as I didn’t want to ruin his tousled good looks.

You’ve met Eirwen before, as she visits regularly. Her owners rescued her from a life in a car,  but she has a joyful existence now!


It’s lunch time around here … we are just having sandwiches with sharp cheddar and Sharon’s beautiful large tomatoes on sourdough toast.






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