Life and Pets

Bringing in the Sheaves, Bringing in the Sheaves … ðŸŽ¶ðŸŽ¶ðŸŽ¶

We didn’t plant a big garden this year, except for the garlic. I think we harvested about the same this year as last … about 300 pounds of the delicious stuff.

But other than garlic, we just had a pretty ordinary patch of peas, carrots, onions and beets, a few potatoes, beans, broccoli and cabbage. Then there is the Swiss chard … I had old seed of two varieties, and planted it all, yielding far and away more Swiss Chard than we can eat.

I’ve processed almost everything that I plan to freeze or pickle. Fall is a more pleasant time when the food handling doesn’t get overwhelming.

This year, the fruit trees seemed to take a year off, meaning there was not much yield. I’ve cored, peeled and sliced the apples that fit in the handy machine I have, and I will tackle the few pounds of smaller or misshapen ones soon. I freeze all the apples for crisps or pies rather than trying to store any.

After all these years, I know what to “bother with”. Though I’m well able to make, and have made, sauerkraut and almost every kind of pickle or condiment you can name, I am not going to process anything that doesn’t get eaten in a year.

Pickled Swiss Chard is not on the program.

Pet Hostel business has slowed dramatically. Of course I want and need income, I also don’t mind a rest and some time to do autumn work in the garden and flower beds. I am astounded at how fast the summer has gone by, faster than ever. Life in general is starting to feel that way.

Above is Gus, an sweet Old English Sheepdog who gets an all over shear-down regularly. He seems to enjoy all of his “spa time”.

Today Shelly and I will venture into McBride to pick up some Okanagan corn from an individual, and go to lunch.

In fact, I hear her vehicle in the driveway. Talk to you later!


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