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Tattooed Nana …

This has been a notion in the back of my mind, then the front of my mind, for more than two years. I was particularly inspired by a grandmother of the same age who started tattooing the names of her grandkids on a forearm. Her choice was to spell their names in a simple print, not a cursive font, with no images (so far).

We have our beloved granddaughter, Juno, who is three years old, and soon Susan and Laine will have their baby girl. Now I have the tattoo “for Juno”. I couldn’t be happier, and I can hardly wait to sign up for another. I have the tattoo on my forearm like my friend does, but the image is oriented differently.

I have the option of adding a little colour to the dragonfly, and I have time to think about it.

At this time of year, the boarding kennel is not as busy. We’re still occupied with marketing the garlic, and harvesting other things too.

Last weekend, my sister and her husband and their son drove out from Alberta to pick up Moksha and Bernie. The people who are closest to me know that I have a mixed bag of complex thoughts and emotions associated with that whole situation. I liked those dogs, but I am relieved to hand them back to their owners. Moksha and Bernie will love being back at the farm.

Cinder liked our nephew Dave a lot!

We like Dave, too. One night at 11:30, he said that he had a craving for chocolate cream pie and might have to drive to the Petrocan for some. Now, I don’t know if our Petrocan would have that, but in an instant after saying that, Dave had fallen asleep.

I had ready-to-bake tart shells, which I baked within a few minutes, and ready-to-eat chocolate fudge pudding, so voila …

Today, we only have Woezel & Bob, Odie, Noel, Cedar and Clyde, and Elvis a cat. I have a few grooming jobs coming up.

From last week:

It was so smoky on Friday and Saturday, it seemed like night in midday. But we’re not on fire, so we are lucky.

This is a beautiful Newfoundland dog, Kona, who visits regularly.

Sasha is a big dog, but quiet and gentle. It’s a cinch to bath her, trim her nails, and “Furminate” her. She just had an overnight stay.

This is Elvis, a handsome rescued cat. He is not grouchy at all in real life, only for the camera.

I groomed a wonderful border collie on Monday, Buddy, and a Llasa Apso, also named Buddy. I think I was still recovering from the weekend, as I forgot to take photos.

We have a compatible bunch of “lifers” here. I have let the chickens roam free for months, Cinder gets along with all three cats and the chickens, and the cats are fine with each other and chickens too. Bud, Gary’s riding horse, is enamoured with Shelly’s new horse. Taffy the guinea pig is still alive, and I protect her from all the other pets and livestock.

Above are Storm and Lumi, some lovely husky regulars.

And here’s some lilies from our gardens, with gladiolas from a Mennonite friend.

I guess this brings us up to speed!

Love, Ann


One thought on “Tattooed Nana …

  1. I have the sound of my grandson’s heartbeat in my phone – I’m hoping to get it tattooed as a sound wave.

    Your cast of characters is amazing!

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