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Pleasant Sunday …

I started the day with enthusiasm, and it only got better from there. I made chorizo out of some ground turkey and transformed some of that into sausage rolls. We had little sausage rolls and eggs and toast from my homemade bread for breakfast. This was, of course, washed down with the best of coffee, Oso Negro.

When I learned that we were going to be seeing someone today who had done something nice for us, I pulled out some more stops and made several small apple crisps for him to take home. They have recently moved and maybe this was good timing.

It has been such a good day: work not too hard, weather not too hot, schedule not very pressing. That is, of course, if I don’t acknowledge all the tasks I SHOULD accomplish.

Gary mowed the lawns in the midday sun, but here I sit in his recliner, sort of watching the movie, ‘Julie & Julia’, kicking ass at online Scrabble (sometimes), and idly thinking of the things I could be doing. Also, talking to you. Yes, here I sit.

Guests of the Pet Hostel include the dogs Otis & Echo, Moksha & Bernie, Patch & Gally, Larkin, Timber, Woezel & Bob, Cedar, Sadie, Holly, Scruffy and Rosie. There are three cats boarding … Dexter, Sam and Shadow. We had several cancellations for all different reasons, and that was a bit disappointing because I had turned away some business. But here I sit, whereas I might still be feeding, watering, petting and cleaning up after pets had they all showed up.

We had another customer for U-pick raspberries today. It makes me feel good to share, even when we charge $10 per bucket. When someone in Facebook remarked that they had given their raspberries away (as did we in previous years), I replied defensively that the sales went toward the Pet Hostel Benevolence Fund. I’m entitled to subsidize my own charity programs, right? Right?

Shelly adopted a horse! It looks like the small mare, Zoey, will fit right in. Bud seems happy to have a companion.

They are now pastured together, with no serious equine disagreements.

The movie is almost over and it’s nearly time to “do the rounds” again, then have our own dinner. I had coconut curry chicken in the freezer, so it is in the crockpot heating itself. The rice is cooked, as I had put this on to cook for lunch, but made sandwiches instead. I’ll go see what is ready in the garden for vegetables.

Love, Ann

I might adjust the size of the photos and add captions later.

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