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August so soon …

How has this happened? The summer is going by too fast.

We hide out from the heat many afternoons … we put on Netflix and just “veg”. The house stays quite comfortable. So does the kennel building.

Both of us try to make the mornings count and book farrier or grooming work while it’s cooler. Of course pets are the priority and there are early rounds of food and water, then again late in the afternoons, with checks and treats and reassurances in between. There is shade in every run at any time of day, which has been my goal during 25 years on this acreage, planting trees and shrubs and lately, buying shade sails.

I groomed three small dogs this morning, and I had just finished saying to Gary, “I hope Zev comes in time for lunch, when Zev drove in.” I had thrown cornbread in the oven during one quick trip through the house, and thawed some chili. Lunch was adequate and the company was good.

We are down to just 14 boarders again, but will have a full house for the long weekend.

Kian and Gamble seem happy to visit here, then overjoyed to go home. They are delightful purebred shih tzus.

I groomed Joey today too but forgot to get a photo. That’s a shame, because he is a little white poodle cross, now sporting a bright blue mohawk and matching tail.

As we have for several years, we’ve put the word out during raspberry season for “U-pick” customers. There have been several nice and grateful takers.

Take care, all.

~ Ann

2 thoughts on “August so soon …

  1. I honestly wish I lived within your sphere, because I *know* my babies would get the best care while I was away. Thank you for sharing your loving home in a virtual world.

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