Life and Pets

No catchy title …

I don’t want the lack of a clever Blog Post Title to stand in the way of chatting to you.

Have been relaxing for a few moments, having made a lunch for Gary and sat to eat too. Shelly came along and helped us with the rest of the chicken vegetable casserole and quinoa.

The Pet Hostel is a nearly-full house today. Keisha went home last night, and we have Red, Buster Brown, Bandit, Larkin, Gibbs, Moksha & Bernie, Festus, Cash and Maggi, Shadow, Remy, Gally & Patch, Eirwen, Sadie, and Woezel & Bob. Also Lolly and her sister, whose name I forget at the moment. Also Hola and Dexter, well-adjusted boarding cats. And Max, the African Grey parrot.

The weather is cooler today, with rain threatening, and a bit of thunder (I saw no lightning, but there must be some somewhere). The boarding animals are all secure and reassured, and our own seem completely unfazed by storms.

How short the summer seems. Just when the flower pots are filled out and blooming, and any perennial plants left from my ruthless gardening are looking nice, things start declining. And work and harvest are almost overwhelming. We’re digging garlic, picking berries, and freezing a few vegetables. I keep thinking that the plan is to plant less and work less, yet I feel pushed and weary. And still, I love my career and most of the gardening and landscaping tasks.

Gary has gone back out to mow the lawns, and I feel guilty for sitting here. Talk to you later!

Love, Ann

Lest anyone think I’m weary and pushed because of anyone else … don’t think it. It’s not what I’m saying.

And since I first got up from lunch, I dug a whole row of garlic. Only a few hundred bulbs to go.


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