Life and Pets

Sunday morning …

When I awoke and realized this was Sunday, I was pleased. We don’t attend church nor formally observe this day of the week as Sabbath, and it wouldn’t be Gary’s Sabbath anyway. Speaking just for myself, noting that the day is “Sunday” gives me license to take things easier.

I didn’t do any hard work yesterday, as a matter of fact. In the morning, I groomed one small, quiet dog, and then went to the Dunster Farmer’s Market to visit and drink coffee and eat a hot dog. The day was gloomy and rainy, and other than one dog’s nail trimming appointment, I watched movies until we had a dinner of slow cooker stew, and then I laid on the couch until hot tub time and bed time. In the evening, we noticed that there was a bit of clear sky, and today looks sunny and dry.

This is good news for all the farmers who have hay cut. Gary bought horse hay from a neighbour who harvested before the wet weather. I was on hand to pitch some of the bales, and then Mike was around to help with the rest while I visited with Juno.

Gosh, how I miss the “kids”. We don’t see any of our daughters or their spouses often enough, and we certainly wish we could visit Juno regularly. I have been lying awake some nights and mornings thinking about getting to California after Susan’s and Laine’s daughter is born in September.


So I started my day chatting to you and now it’s after 10:30 pm and a boarding dog, Otis, was just picked up. Closing time is actually 9, with few exceptions.

The day did not stay sunny and dry. I got some weeding done (there are flower beds still needing complete excavation and renovation). Late in the afternoon, the atmosphere was hot and muggy, and it was overcast. I was digging with enthusiasm and drenched with sweat, and then rains and high winds and cool temperatures arrived.

So, I went from hot and wet to completely chilled and soaked in a matter of minutes. I had a hot shower but was expecting a customer so I couldn’t soak the old bones in the hot tub. Now I’m too lazy to drag the same bones out there.

Hope you all had a good weekend. Talk to you soon!

Woezel and Bob and friend Davy the cat

Chloe and Smokey

Smokey and another shade of grey … Morley

Chester, a German Shorthaired Pointer

Bud with the look of bliss upon his face … enjoying the attention!

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