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A rare and amazing week …

Since Sunday night, Beth, Mike and Juno have been in town. They’ve slept at the vacation house but have spent their days with us.

I feel like I have gotten to know Gary’s daughter and her husband Mike a lot better and have felt at ease. In the past, my feelings of inferiority have washed over me and coloured my visits, and these days have not been like that.

And to know Juno is to love her. She is energetic, curious and resilient. By design and definition, a three year old child, particularly an adored grandchild, will always be the centre of attention, but, you know, we need to keep them safe, fed, rested and toileted. Juno’s parents are wonderful parents, not too strict and not overly indulgent.

Almost every hour, I was reminded of my own daughters at the same age; I’m always reviewing how loved they were and are every hour. In my memory, I search for mistakes I made or recall things that I could have done better. All three have been wonderful human beings and successes, have achieved a good measure of happiness too. I guess their father and I did enough things right or, perhaps, raised children who could overcome our shortcomings as parents.

Getting joyful hugs and having meaningful conversations with Juno has fed my soul. Before we got reacquainted this week, I made an appointment for a tattoo of her name, but can’t have it done until August. Soon after, I will arrange to have Susan and Laine’s daughter’s name added. I might be on a roll here, even at my senior age. Maybe I shall have other loved ones’ names (our own daughters’ names? Mom’s name?) tattooed on my tender old arm.


On Tuesday I groomed three dogs, and then got cooking. Gary and I held an Indian feast in honour of Juno’s birthday, which is in fact tomorrow, but the little family will be on their way home today. A great time was had by 10 adults and one tiny child. I was so “wound up” and a bit weary, and less than one beer made me quite loopy. Many offered to help, including Juno, and everything stayed under control, though a couple of items, such as samosas, fell off the menu. At some point I had another beer and didn’t fret a bit.

Yesterday was “disaster averted”, in a sense. I was waiting for my one scheduled appointment, and the washing machine had an epic flood. It had been leaking to various degrees for months, but this was awful. Gary had to go to town for other reasons, but checked at Hone Hardware to see what they had for laundry pairs.

You know where this this is going, right? We ended up going back to buy a washer and dryer set, and Mike helped Gary with the heavy lifting and the installations. I will see if we can get the old washer repaired in order to sell or give it away.

One of life’s ironies is that there is an almost new laundry pair at Rose’s home. Rose is in a fragile state since being “out of town” for two months, and even though she complained to others about the new washer and dryer, I dare not swap out that pair with two older-style models.

After the weekend with 21 dogs boarding plus Max the parrot, business has gotten quieter. I haven’t booked any grooming for a couple of days: I will want to ready the vacation house for some longer-term guests and accomplish some various and sundry tasks.

Now it’s 8 o’clock already and I must do some rounds. I started my day before 6 am with a visit to the hot tub, letting indoor dogs out, and making breakfast.

Thank you for reading my blog. Hope your day is pleasant. Or awesome.

Love, Ann


2 thoughts on “A rare and amazing week …

  1. She’s adorable! And, speaking as a grandma, there is nothing wrong with getting your kids’ or grandkids’ names tattooes – just so long as YOU like the placement and font, etc. Have a superb day!

  2. Enjoyed your blog. But what will we talk about at coffee now? LOL LOL. Juno is obviously a real sweetie. Tattoos – Wow. I haven’t gotten around to getting my ears pierced again. When I was hot to trot to do it, there wasn’t any place that I knew of, in McB or Vale to get them done. 🙂

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