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Nighty night …

Thinking I should get to bed soon; it’s funny how I fight it like a toddler, even when I can hardly keep my eyes open.

Sometimes, I almost wish I could SKIP the night, as there is so much to do in the coming day that I just want to get started again. I have the care of Clyde, Ramone, Holly, Eirwen, Daisy & Tika, Hades & Zeus, Sandy, Cedar, Scarlet, Tucker, Tank, Woezel & Bob, Buster, Moksha & Bernie, Festus, Duke and Lady. Almost all have twice per day feedings, some have medications and supplements and most get treats. In a sense, I am lucky that two dogs cancelled and today one went home. A couple of dogs have had their stay extended. Days like these at the Pet Hostel spell constant rounds of feeding, watering and scooping, and just as essential, petting and reassuring.

We can board more than 21 dogs, but it depends how many are from the same family, or if they need indoor space or a covered run.

These two handsome dudes are Cane Corso dogs:

The brothers Hades and Zeus are well trained and have not been any trouble. They do “challenge” other dogs at the fence, so, indoors, I hung a sort of privacy curtain between a sensitive boarder and the exuberant mastiffs. I am worried that one of our feline fence walkers, Davy or Smokey, might get in the kennel with the big guys.

My beautiful Clyde. Not really “mine”. He’s a mastiff of his own sort … not purebred. Sweet natured, biddable and intelligent, I am always glad to know that Clyde will visit.

Festus has been a regular. He, also, is well trained and always welcome. Despite a diagnosis of cancer last year, he seems well and comfortable. As are many dogs, he’s leery of the camera.

That is Buddy, a purebred border collie. Yes, another border collie named Buddy. They are each unique and special. This gentle guy acts quite stressed when he is first dropped off for grooming, the settles in like a champ, offering kisses and tail wags the entire time.

This is Tucker, who is a unique blend of several breeds. He’s smart and well trained for one so young, and has warmed up to us during his stay.

Sandy is a lovely, petite golden retriever. She has been through surgery for torn ACL, and her owner has been through surgery and other traumas, so they are like sisters.

I know that it is very difficult to leave your dog anywhere, even with people you know. I often tell clients that I can easily “put myself in your shoes”.

Lovely Scarlet, a pretty Shepherd from out of town.

Well, folks, despite what I said earlier, I must get some sleep, or I won’t be able to cope with the day.

Love, Ann

One thought on “Nighty night …

  1. Your guests are all so charming! I like that you have such a variety; I hope it makes people who have concerns about specific breeds less leery. It’s how the dog is raised that matters.

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