Life and Pets

Happy “Hump” Day …

This has been such a good day. The weather has changed, for now, for the better.

Any day that I can bath and brush Timber is a good day. Isn’t she a beauty?


She is among the most photogenic creatures of all…


When I had finished Timber’s “spa treatment”, I wanted to go to the house for lunch. I lowered the grooming table, and then Timber didn’t seem to want to step off. I thought while I was taking a break that the big dog would just wander around the kennel building… but no. she stayed right where she was, happy with her “perch”. We went outside for a walk after this.

Then I groomed a little old man, Meeko. He’s pretty heavy for his breed and height, but his condition has actually improved since the last time I took care of him.

Meeko Gullion

Yesterday was a “big dog” day as well. Like Timber, Pluto comes regularly for bathing and brushing. He also seems to love the treatment, and he sighed and laid his slender head on the towel I placed for that purpose.

Pluto almost asleep


Holly is boarding here for a few days and I am to groom her as well. She’s a purebred border terrier. She is so happy and cute, and even more adorable when “hand stripped” like a show dog.

Holly in the "big yard"

Davy has become quite the adventurer. I have been a bit concerned because he was marching up to random dog customers and giving them a swat, but he seems to be doing less of that. The last thing I need or want is for a dog to get an eye or nose injured here; I also want Davy to stay safe.



The attractive labrador that seems taunted by the cat is “Eirwen”. She is a happy go lucky young dog, rescued from a hardscrabble life in a car.

Eirwen Hansen

We also are babysitting “Heidi”, a shy little tabby. She really want nothing from us than to be fed and left alone. I check on her often, but she gives me that look which says, “Just leave me alone, okay?”.


Early yesterday, I fit in a small old dog named “Sprocket”. He’s a pleasant wee guy, but doesn’t like his feet touched or nails trimmed. I gently outmaneuver Sprocket each time, and sometimes break into quite a sweat.


Sprocket LOVES cats.

Duke & Lady McClinton

You’ve met these two in previous posts: Duke and Lady, father and daughter chocolate labs.

To really, really brighten your day, here’s a photo of our grandaughter, Juno. I’m so excited for the family’s visit this month, I can hardly sleep.


And look what else is in the plan! Susan is looking radiant as she starts her PhD program at Merced, California, and keeps working on her other project …

Susan baby bump

Here is our wee mountaineer. She takes herself on the most glorious hikes, and I usually find out after the fact, so that there’s no point in worrying. Right?

Kim in the mountains


Take care, everyone.


~ Ann

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