Life and Pets

Rain, rain, rain …

We have had several wet, dark (mostly) days in a row. Our pet residents are dry and warm, and composed. I feel a bit “under the weather” in a sense. This much rainfall is not needed.

Yesterday was Canada Day, and there was not as much precipitation. I went downtown for a burger, cake and visiting. We sang ‘O Canada’, and there were some awards presented to well-deserving recipients.

There were several dogs picked up yesterday and a couple more will go home today. I turned down a bit of grooming work because I was busy cleaning and sorting in the kennel building, and caring for the guests.

There should be no shortage of rainy day projects, but I feel uninspired to sew or do bookwork. I would rather kick ass at word games online, or lurk in Facebook, or chat with you fine folk who read my Blog.

On Saturday, there was a baby shower for Susan, in California. It was hosted by Laine’s stepmom, Shay, with whom I stayed when I visited 2 years ago. In fact, Shay hosted my trip there so that we could surprise Susan for her 36th birthday.

Of course, I plan to visit this September when the baby is born.


These are my sister’s two dogs, staying until October, last I heard. I actually cried when she adopted each of these dogs, lovable though they are, because acquiring more pets tied Rae to a difficult situation. A challenging life. Not really my business, though now I have the care of the dogs.





I have still not heard from Rose. I know that she is in good hands, and her dogs are fine with us as well.

Snickers was picked up by a family member (of his deceased owner) after spending some time with us. The dog is a happy little chap and the plan is that he will live on an acreage north of Prince George.



Buster Brown Holland

Buster Brown

Buster is a handsome hound mix whose family has taught him well. He is a good boy, and very composed when he is with us.

Sorrel Kalnin


Sorrel is a pretty dog who might be thinking it was someone’s oversight to have left her here. She has warmed up to me and is eating, so she’ll be fine.

These two gorgeous chocolate labs belong to friends and they’ve been here regularly for boarding. They don’t seem to worry about a thing. They are father and daughter.

Below is one of my favourite schnauzers of all time. He is sweet and composed, and when you offer him a hug, Pepper actually hugs back! He will stand politely at your knee until you need to leave.

Pepper Mastronardi

Maggie has been here often enough to feel “at home”, too. She is a gentle, calm girl, who understands many requests (“commands”).

A couple of days ago, while the sun shone, the chickens seemed to want OUT. They practically stormed the gate! The one hen was in a nest box at the time this photo was taken.

I can’t resist sharing this one … and I did ask Gary’s permission. Sam, the big cat, has visited me at the hot tub as well. We are hoping he doesn’t actually fall in, of course, and when unattended, the hot tub has a snug cover.

Gary with Sam at hot tub

Yesterday, I was in the hot tub when a couple of young men came to pick up their family’s three dogs. As you can see, the cover as it sits while open, obscures the “view”. But I grabbed my towel and then called to the boys that I’d be with them shortly and they could load their dogs.

When I was dressed and out the door again, I said to the fellas … “I’ll bet you didn’t expect to see an old lady in a towel!”, to which they cheerfully replied, “That’s okay, we’re both paramedics. We’ve seen everything!”. It was funny to all of us. Bound to happen, even when we think there is nobody “expected” in the driveway.

Shadow Krinke

Shadow is our friends’ good doggie. Quiet, gentle and composed (if you think that’s redundant, it’s not), she has been at the Pet Hostel and around us frequently. I always love knowing that Shadow will be visiting.

Yellow Peony - Bartzella

This is random, but I wanted to share this beautiful peony as well. Its name is ‘Bartzella’, no doubt named after some Italian botanist, but who cares? It’s hardy and uncommon, and we’re glad it has done so well in our crazy perennial gardens.


Keisha Drader





I groomed this big guy last week. When I’m told that one’s dog is a “shepherd husky” cross, I don’t know what to expect, other than a heavy shedder, usually. Any dog of mixed breed can be a surprise as to size, temperament and coat type … but almost all loveable. Harley was medium large, shedding heavily, and friendly and trusting. I “deshedded” him the best I could, and he went home sweet-smelling and silky; his owner seemed pleased.


Apple Pancake

Inspired by something our Shelly said, here was Gary’s breakfast a few days ago. It’s a baked apple pancake, known by many names in various countries. It was tasty.

A great tiny travel trailer

Okay, now this seems completely random. I was coming home through town after discussing Snicker’s situation with his extended family members, and saw this. What an excellent travelling setup for one or two people. If I ever “camp” again, I will want such a comfortable, bear-resistant trailer. It’s a tiny travelling home!


I never know where I’ll find any of the cats, including Davy. None of them seem to care if the cat bed is in the pile of bedding destined for the washing machine, or newly cleaned. They seem to move about the yard, usually a respectable distance from each other, atop the vehicles, hanging out in trees, in the greenhouse curled up in a plant pot, or simply lying in the driveway. They rarely have an altercation, though there is a large grey stray hanging around, usually not seen, who seems to “have it in for” Davy. I would protect Davy from the other cat, the real interloper … and often I get all three cats indoors in the kennel building for the nights.


Cats in tree



Our garden “help”, Cinder

Now I truly need to get outside to finish the poop scooping and reassuring of the guests. Hope you’re having a good day and have plenty of all you need.




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