Life and Pets

New faces, old faces …

We have a beautiful assortment of pet guests this Canada Day long weekend. All the comings and a few goings have tired me today, and it’s almost time to get supper together. I’m resting and chatting with you instead, and wishing I had the energy that I had this morning.

I guess in THAT sense, every day is a do-over, as long as we can stay alive and well.

Lolly and her sister went home just now. They are lively border collie- blue heeler cross pups. Can’t find the recent pics I have of each of them.


We have Blitzen, Keisha, Sorrel, Lumi & Storm, Shadow, Snickers, Buster, Maggie, Moksha & Bernie, Eirwin, Holly, Daisy & Tika, Mica & Davy & Pixel, Pepper, Lady & Duke and boarding cat Heidi. Also, the beloved guest parrot Max. The “static” population here consists of Cinder, Smokey, Sam and Taffy the guinea pig. Davy the cat may or may not be here always, and then you’ll remember that Mailbox is a “lifer”. Of course, we still have Gary’s riding horse, Bud. It’s generally a harmonious place.






Mica, Pixel, Davy

We had a lovely visit with the handsome puppy recently purchased, acquired, adopted by friends:



That is Gus, and he is already a total charmer!

I’ve been frustrated by the weather. Off and on for a few days during the week, I had devoted extra time to digging in the perennial beds. I know I’ve mentioned this many times, and it almost seemed like I was “gaining on it”. Then the busy days of the business were upon me, and rain. Lots of rain over the last couple of days.

Today, I’ve tried to count my many blessings and keep my mood chipper, but have felt a pall of frustration, irritability, weariness and sadness come over me. It’s not clinical depression, just a low biorhythm day, a blue mood. It will pass.

On a lighter note … I DID bake something to contribute to the Dunster Ice Cream Social tonight! I have often gone empty-handed, especially since I moved away from the community of Dunster. An hour ago, I thought, “I can at least bake a cake”, and then remembered that I didn’t have any flour. But I did have frozen pastry shells and the other ingredients for pecan butter tarts, so Voila! Two dozen very Canadian pastries.

I guess I should quit resting now and start supper. Also, the wonderful population of pets need feeding.

I love knowing that you come here to read my blog. Thank you. Stay well, everyone.

~ Ann


2 thoughts on “New faces, old faces …

  1. I’m so glad your population has faces to go with the names. I just want to throw myself down in a pile of fur and play with your guests!

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