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Eventful day, in a way …

My sister’s golden retriever died in the night. Taffy had just passed her 15th birthday; she was adopted from a shelter as a young adult dog. Taffy had many pleasant years on the farm in Rae’s company.

I had made an effort every day that Taffy was with us, to get her to her feet. This was not easy with a 90 pound dog. It seemed to me that this effort was necessary to give Taffy the best possible quality of life and prevent bedsores or other problems resulting from lack of mobility. I did this several times daily, but at times I let her rest if she seemed comfortable enough

In the last two days, Taffy could not stand at all, and only yesterday did she turn up her nose at her breakfast. I had just made the decision not to let this beloved pet suffer longer, and then she was gone.

Gary and I managed to dig a grave (Gary did most of the work), bury the dear Taffy, and put in a full day of work otherwise.

In a sense, Taffy’s passing was the only really eventful aspect of the day. Rae accepted the news with pragmatism and aplomb.

This evening, Gary took me to dinner in town. I had two glasses of wine, and now I feel numb.

Earlier today, I found THIS bottle at the local liquor store, with the help of my long time dog-loving friend, Coral.

From the “See Ya Later” Ranch, with the logo of a dog angel complete with halo. I think I should keep a few bottles in reserve for grieving pet lovers … what else can we do for others at such a time?

Again, this post is already a day old but I’m sending it through anyway. I don’t have very much work lined up today, so I might talk to you soon and share photos of beloved pet guests.

Have a good day, everyone.

~ Ann

One thought on “Eventful day, in a way …

  1. My sincerest condolences to you and your sister. I’m going to have to invest in some of that wine – it sounds like a great way to let someone know you care.

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