Life and Pets

And the beat goes on 🎶🐾🎶 …

I do love my work. I’ve had a couple of fairly busy days. I don’t know how men or women who have busier grooming shops can stay on their feet and groom six or eight or ten pets per day, week in and week out. But that’s them and this is me, and I’m not getting any younger, just want to “stay in the game” as long as I can.

One of my customer friends has a senior yellow Labrador. I enjoy having Cedar to care for and she is no trouble in any way. Her human said to me recently, “When Cedar is gone, I will enlist your help to find a siamese kitten.” I admit that I didn’t think this through, and said, “Sure thing, if I’m still working.”

Cedar Gillette


When the hell did I think I’d retire? When did I think I would want to? We hope that Cedar lives many more years, regardless. And I don’t plan to quit working any year soon.

Today I gave the spa treatment to only one dog, but I shampooed, dried and brushed so diligently that I feel like my arms will fall off. I used pepperminty dog shampoo made to support joint health (as if we really believe the claim), Furminator brand conditioner and Show Sheen marketed for dogs and horses. I used the high velocity dryer while brushing with the collie comb and slicker brush, the regular blow dryer with furminator brush, wide tooth comb and fine tooth comb. The pink “hoodie” helps him remain calm when I use the big dryer.


Dragon was good and respectful for everything, including nails, but he took exception to Smokey trying to cuddle up to him.

While Dragon was still under his owner’s control, Davy decided to “stand his ground” for whatever reason crossed his little kitty brain. The cat drew himself up to a bigger, bristly version and tried to stare Dragon into submission. In my flawed wisdom, I stepped between Dragon and Davy, thinking the normally even-tempered cat would just exit the kennel building. BAM! Davy grabbed my jeans leg, digging his claws into my calf (in seven spots) and then jumped back only about a foot. I grabbed a plastic lid to help usher Mr. Snarky out the door without further violence and injury to anyone.

I’m sitting here with my feet up visiting with you, which I enjoy, but I should be digging in the flower beds. I just don’t have the get-up-and-go left.

Yesterday was not too gruelling: I just had two regulars, and then a new client late in the afternoon. In midday, I dashed into town to eat at Welcome Home and was joined by a long time friend who I rarely see. That made for a delightful lunch and visit.

Buddy reassured by Smokey



At some point yesterday, I clipped Cinder like a lion. Gary suggested it, and we both like it. The dog has seemed extra joyful, though at first he kept looking accusingly at his tail, which presumably he was feeling on his back for the first time. I posted a photo on Facebook, but there is some controversy among groomers and others as to whether one should ever shave certain dogs. I don’t like conflict, so I deleted the Facebook post.


Tomorrow I truly hope to get some flower bed tending done. That will happen as long as not too many pets have an urgent need for grooming, and if it doesn’t rain.

Do you know that the best way to make a “to do” list is to accomplish something, then write it on the list, then cross it off? So satisfying!

A Bucket List might be managed similarly. Early this Spring, we bought a hot tub. I have stated to Gary that, had I known how much I would enjoy that, I would have invested in one long ago. Therefore, the hot tub really is a “bucket list” thing that made it onto the list only after we bought one. Also, it was a gift for Gary’s “milestone” birthday this year.

This is the dusky view from the tub yesterday evening.

I was so drowsy when I came in that I forgot to bring my dear little piggie indoors for the night. She had a cover over her large enclosure, but would have been unfortunate game for a weasel, bird, or cat, if a predator had taken the notion. I would hate to lose Taffy that way, though she is starting to look old and thinner.

We do not have many boarders at this time, but I tell myself that I’m preparing for the next big influx. I also have a little more time for errands and coffee or lunch with friends, or digging in the damned flower beds here, or tidying up a renter’s messes, or providing some attention to the yard at the vacation home. There’s no end to it.

Today my friend is in hospital for surgery to treat colitis. Although this is expected to relieve pain in the longer term, she says that recovery will be horrible. She is frightened and I have been thinking about her all day.

Hope you are all well. I want to send courage to all who need it.


~ Ann

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