Life and Pets

A beautiful day with beautiful souls …

It is such an honour to spend the day with these precious dogs. We have some history together aside from visiting with them here at the Pet Hostel: their late mother, Sadye, was a stray here at one time.

We all knew that Sadye was a purebred dog, and friends fell in love with her. After some time passed while this lovely being lived at their large ranch, the people had Sadye bred to another fine border collie.


Sadye ~ matriarch

Sadye’s pups went to good homes, mostly local farms/ranches. Two of them stayed with our friends, and they have “Rowdy” who looks like one of Sadye’s kids.


Sammy, Rowdy, Keeper


Before I started my work with the border collies, I trimmed this darling little dude, Shadow. He looks like a miniature schnauzer, and a good one at that, but he’s a “schnoodle”, a schnauzer-poodle cross. The breeding doesn’t matter to me, as a matter of fact, only as a point of interest. The bottom line is that Shadow is sweet and respectful and I love having him visit.

Shadow Zahn

Shadow Zahn

I allowed the “stray cat” to stay unconfined after his first night post-surgery (the little snip that males of some species should have). Davy fits right in here, among humans, resident dog Cinder, cats Sam and Smokey, and every visitor so far. He has found the best perches, cat food, litter box and the many places to explore. That’s a YAWN, by the way.

As well as Rae’s three dogs and Rose’s three dogs, we have Lola & Cloe, Clark & Jack, and Ramone. Several have come and gone since I last talked to you in this blog.

Lola Hubble Bonnington

Lola, a Great Dane, humble and cuddly

Cloe Hubble Bonnington

Cloe, an Australian Shepherd, joyful and also cuddly

Ramone Sansom

Ramone, a sweet and comical pom X


Tika, pleasant and even-tempered chihuahua


Jack & Clark, a fun and dynamic duo

I got up early with Gary today … he had already had breakfast and put on the coffee. He’s on a mission of support with a friend who has to take her horse for diagnoses and treatment in Prince George. It’s amazing to me that it’s already 7:40 when I feel I should have accomplished more since I got up. I tended to the dogs that are housed in our kennel building and have others to take care of outdoors.

Last night, I was too tired to properly clean the grooming shop, and I will do so before today’s “spa” guests arrive. It will not be quite as big a grooming day today. All of the work is my joy and good fortune.

Hope you have a good day, everyone. If you pray, please pray for Adele, Denise, and others who need some success and relief with their health status. Or send your positive thoughts and wishes by telepathy, which is often the bestย I can offer.


~ Ann


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