Life and Pets

A not very focussed day …

It hasn’t been a bad day, in fact it has been pretty good. Even so, I seemed to wander in lethargy from one task to the next. To say I felt “aimless” would not be quite correct, but certainly I lacked drive and focus. I have a lot on my mind, but the bottom line is that it’s mostly, if not all, small stuff.

After caring for dogs and having two go home this morning, I met with the realtor with whom the older house in town is listed. We went together to see if there were things that I could do to make the house and yard more presentable without throwing anything away that was not actually garbage.

There are a few things I can do, like coil up a hose and consolidate some collectibles and even furniture outside, some of which have not been destroyed by the elements.

I feel disappointed, even bitter, that I have these extra tasks, but it is in my own interest to clean up some of that mess.

I got the lawn mowed again, but didn’t rake, nor sweep the sidewalks. And stupidly, I burned my fat little arm on the carburetor of the lawn mower, not badly. It does sting though.

Over at the vacation home, I planted two Saskatoon bushes. Now that lovely yard has a HoneyCrisp apple tree, a Preston Lilac, junipers, gout weed, a sort of meadow with wild roses (and Thiessen Saskatoon) and a few volunteers of other plants and trees. I don’t want to complicate the landscaping over there too much, as I already have neglected flower beds at home.

Hope you are all well. Again, I’m posting yesterday’s post today. Might talk to you later.

~ Ann

Here’s a memory movie that Facebook came up with.

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