Life and Pets

Hi all …

WordPress tells me that it’s 18 days since I last posted.

Sorry, all.

Life is not so terribly busy that I will claim that I haven’t had time to visit and talk. I’m trying to be discreet and/or confidential about the things that call for discretion and confidentiality. At the same time, I’ve found myself in situations where I need support, dammit.

Gary and I have managed to improve the yard at the old rental house just by mowing the lawns and whipper-snipping. When I bought that little charming house, it had a young renter who kept everything quite pristine. Now it is not pristine. I’m not going to say too much for a number of reasons, but the task ahead seems onerous. I feel bitter.

If a potential buyer can look past the mess, I’ll be overjoyed, and in the meantime, I have my own overgrown, rock-edged perennial beds to tend to. I feel like I shouldn’t be too critical of a geriatric renter who happens to be only 20 years older than I.

Sometimes I have the time to do so many things that need doing, but no energy. And occasionally I have energy and no time.

This morning I took the stray tomcat for neutering. I’ll pay for it myself and then when find him a home, will see if the new owner will pony up the cost. I was tired of smelling that tom cat odour, the spay and neuter society is burdened enough without me dumping this dumpee on them, and our vet is close by (though not part of the spay or neuter subsidy program).

I named the cat Davy. I don’t know why.

We don’t have too many boarders at the moment, which gives me more time to clean in the kennels and do some gardening too. The population consists of my sister’s three largish dogs, Taffy, Moksha and Bernie, Rose’s dogs Daisy, Tika and Mailbox, plus Blitzen, Cedar, Grizz and Sasha. Technically, Mailbox is my dog now, and I heard the other day that Rose had been furious that I asked her to sign a note giving the dog to me (after she had insisted I take Mailbox). Pfft. That was ONE thing I thought Rose would agree with me on and respect me for.

I had these two goofs for a few days while a new human addition to their family was born.



Had a visit from this beautiful soul, who seemed to enjoy every part of her spa day.


This afternoon, while the birdies were singing after a few drops of rain, I took these photos for you:

I love our home and yard so much, I just wish I could simplify and catch up. This is a day that I have the time but not an ounce of energy. And my feet are sore.

I babysat this darling over the weekend, and I sure hope I can see her often. She was to be on restricted exercise, and we are set up for that. We can keep dogs confined to smaller “runs” when they are convalescing, but also keep them entertained and not lonely.


Last Thursday I made an overdue “grocery run” to Costco in Prince George. I made sure to spend enough money that I realized significant savings. Now if that makes no sense in your world, maybe you don’t live in a small, remote town where food costs are high. I stocked up on essentials and felt that the trip was a success.

On the way into the city, I asked myself, “Why do you think you’re in such a damned hurry?” So I contacted a long time friend who lives a few miles off the highway, discovered she was home, and then finally visited her beautiful acreage and home for the first time.

Allison and I virtually stepped right back into conversations as we had before. I had been thinking it would serve me right if she gave me the cold shoulder! Years ago, Allison was a perfect nonjudgmental confidente and counsellor when I so needed that, and I don’t think I have been “there for” her as much.

In the photo, my friend looks bored. I think she wasn’t … just not camera-ready at the time. My fault!





Above is a photo of Susan, who has completed a course in entrepreneurship of some kind. I am always so proud, but I don’t always have a perfect handle on what they’re up to, those daughters of ours.

We had some wonderful news the other day … that Beth, Mike, and Juno plan a visit in midsummer! At that time, we can celebrate our granddaughter’s 3rd birthday.

Beth and Juno


I need to address the issue of supper now. I have had a chuck roast, bucked up and in creole sauce, simmering in the crock pot for almost two days! I have let it cool so that I can remove fat and gristle. It should be tender and yummy.

Love, Ann

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