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Decompressing …

The following is from a couple of days ago. I’m having trouble settling down to “blogging” … more apologies/contrition ahead:


I intend to reread my post after the effects of a little wine has worn off. Okay, more than a little wine … a recipe (Tuscan Garlic Shrimp) I made for Gary for dinner called for a few ounces (don’t ask, I forget) and somehow the bottle is empty.


It isn’t as hectic this Victoria Day weekend as some years, but that’s okay. We are still providing good service to beloved pets, including a few refugees or evacuees.

I’ve been out of touch for a long time again. You have no idea how many times each day that I talk to you in my mind! I am aware of several individuals of my readership, and sometimes surprised by who reads my Blog.

It seems that I should start today and work back, though I’ve tried this before and then neglected to mention some treasured customers and important happenings.

Today I spent a few hours providing some attention and “love” to our vacation house in McBride. My sister stayed there for ten days and enjoyed it and didn’t make any mess, but I had things to do indoors and out. I mowed the lawn (mostly lush dandelions) , which required great physical effort that I’m not accustomed to. I planted a few junipers and gave them big drinks of water.

It’s as if I fell in love with the place all over again. Gary does all the “bull work” here on our acreage, and I find it hard to be away from here, but I should devote more effort to the house and yard in town.

A couple of weeks ago, my darling sister finally accepted an offer of help in a scary domestic situation, and I raced out to Alberta to pick up her dogs. She decided that she could come back to McBride with me for a little rest. I returned my sister to her home town on Monday. Despite her heart break and uncertainty about the future, we had a good visit, and I cannot say more in this Blog.

In midweek, I got a phone call that my elderly renter was in some trouble. The situation was actually out of my control, but one way that I was able to help was to get her two small dogs out of the house and bring them here. I am, after all, set up for this and am glad to provide help.

In the meantime, there has been some work to do. I groomed this wonderful collie, Pluto. I was pleased that I could “dethatch” some of the thick parts, and there were not as many matts as I’d feared. Pluto is one of the most pleasant dogs I know.


This tiny mite was visiting from Nova Scotia. The owner hadn’t had time to get the dog groomed before leaving on her holiday to visit a relative in Valemount. Lucky me! “Willow” was a little sweetie … a bit fidgety with her feet, but I outmaneuvered her!


Over the weekend, I babysat dear ol’ Storm, and her new darling sidekick Taiga. Storm has been a favourite for a long time, and now her baby sister is, too. I don’t know why, but I can’t find my recent photos of Storm and Taiga, but will poach some from Facebook and share later.

We had what we call “the brindle contingent” for a few days. Luna and Max are beautiful and sweet, but Max in particular is intense and stressed while boarding. I do my best to make them feel at home. In this photo, they are relaxed, and keeping an eye on Sam, the cat.


Last week I groomed Annie. She is a tall Maremma with extremely thick fur. I did not do a perfect job on Annie, though I tried brand new clipper blades, longer blades and short ones. I tried to clip her dry, wet, dirty, and clean. I was in tears a lot. The owners were totally understanding; we chalked up my hack job to the fact that we were clipping the dog earlier in the year, before Annie was shedding at all. I don’t know. I expected the heavy coat on this farm dog to zip right off, and nothing I did made it happen. But Annie is beautiful of spirit, and now clean and tangle free. She feels great.



One of my beautiful beastie besties, Timber. She’s feeling conflicted because it’s nail trim time and treats in one sitting.



Little Patchy suffers from a neurological ailment and cannot use his back legs at all any more. He is constantly incontinent both ways. We are all glad that his front half seems happy still, but it is a lot of work to keep Patchy from becoming soiled and rashy.

Any day that I have these three souls from the same household, I’m joyful. I give photo credit to their owners (who owns WHO, exactly?) for most of the shots after grooming. Of course the one with Smokey and Daizy was taken by me.


I haven’t caught up yet, sharing even the happenings that I CAN talk about in my Blog. For extra fun, here is a photo of our beautiful almost-three-year-old grandaughter, Juno.


A recent photo of my gentle, long-suffering sister and her gorgeous, kind daughter, Sarah.


And here, just for fun, is my favourite “tiny house” where one can always go for peace and reflection.


Take care everyone. Please send positive thoughts or prayers to my sister.

Love, Ann

2 thoughts on “Decompressing …

  1. I love your pictures! Great smiles and great 4 legged friends, so many reason to feel blessed. Sometimes life is chaos, and at those times we hold on to the great blessings in our life. Wishing you peace, blessings and light! 🙂

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